Challies: I Feel, I Think, I Believe

[Editor’s note: It is important to sort these things out especially since all three precede action. It gets tricky when beliefs are rooted in feelings and become seeming convictions we’re passionate about. We witness passionate illogical campaigns that work toward selfish ends everyday. Feminism has modeled this in countless ways. The humanist is left to himself to find ultimate meaning upon which he grounds his beliefs.

The Christian however, is wholly transformed in belief, in thought, and in feeling by the grace of God. The Christian is rooted in the wisdom of God as well and because he is, his feelings aren’t the source of his convictions but the passion that helps drive them. He is self-controlled because belief comes first, intellect coincides with his faith’s presuppositions, and his feelings are the fruit of the works of grace that stirs him in a righteous fashion along righteous pathways. He is a different creature all together.

And this is why the Christian woman’s life looks totally different, thinks totally different, behaves totally different, feels totally different than what we’ve seen coming out of the feminist sphere.]

Have you noticed how today everyone seems to tell us what and how they *feel*? I feel like we should pray about that before we do it.” “I feel like Hillary Clinton would make a terrible (or wonderful) president.” “I feel like that’s an unfair statement.” I could be wrong here, but aren’t these “I feel” statements more common than they used to be? It may be a matter of mere semantics or a matter of the evolution of the English language. But it may just be more than that. It may just point us to something we ought to consider.

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