Old Paths: How we use Kindle Fire Tablets in Our Home School

kindle school600h

Jen author of Old Paths has some great tips here!

As a busy homeschooling mother of a large family I am continually looking for ways to streamline our days and for tools to help in that endeavor. I’m also a technology lover and so I am always especially delighted when I can find a digital solution to a need.

I thought I would begin by sharing why, and how, we use Kindle Fire tablets for all 8 of our homeschooled children (ranging in age from 15-4).

This wasn’t a decision we arrived at lightly; there are definitely pros and cons to digital devices. As with so many things they can be used as tools for what is right and good, or they can become a stumbling block. The very last thing we would want to do is to put something in our children’s hands that could harm them.

Read the rest here.

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