The American Vision: The blasphemous attack on unalienable rights of children

912537 Designed by Freepik @asierromero
912537 Designed by Freepik @asierromero

Have you ever heard a parent tell a child, “I brought you into this world, and I can take you out”? We hear it many times, but probably don’t stop to think of the spirit of such a comment and what it means for our society.

A nation comprised of parents who speak as if they’re gods to their children will be a citizenry that speaks as if it is God.

Our fight for our rights in this country are not just personal offences, it is theological. Tyranny echoes the same attitude of the rebellious son who deserves capital punishment: one that rejects God. If we truly believe that the rights we have are not owed to us based on any document by the founders of this country, but because they are endowed to us by our Creator, then any over-extension of authority is ultimately an attack on God. For the government to infringe upon our rights is ultimately to blaspheme God. God says he has given us these rights which are unchangeable in this life and the government says they have given them and can take them away.

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