How can you turn the tide of Feminism’s social programs?

Trevaris Tutt writing for American Vision has an answer for us on how to turn the tide of Feminism’s government-funded social programs. There’s much we can do. Well, said, Trevaris. Thank you.

So what would happen if brothers and sisters would open their hands in such a way not just to meet emergency needs, but with the goal to pull people out of the cycle of poverty? What if more brothers and sisters came alongside families to help them homeschool so they would not have to subject their children to public schools? What if more families got together and created small private schools for single mothers who were still working? What if more brothers and sisters opened their homes so a sister in Christ would not have to live on Section 8? What if those in the church with businesses came alongside brothers trying to support a family on minimum wage, and helped them develop skills and entrepreneurship so they could support their own family and then, in turn, help others as well. This is not to say this is not happening, but if it is, it is not on a large scale.

Read the rest here

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