Hurricane Harvey: God’s Faithfulness to a Courageous Mother

Toddler Found Clinging to Dead Mother in Flood
A heartbreaking scene in Beaumont, Texas, where a shivering little girl was found clinging to her dead mother in floodwaters.

“…and they say [her pink backpack] sticking above the water and were able to get to them and pull them into the boat just before they went under that trestle. Had it been a few moments later they would of been sucked under and the boat wouldn’t have been able to get to them.”

A Texas toddler is stable condition after her mother sacrificed her life to keep her child from harm. Providentially, the toddler was found clinging to her mother and not a moment too soon. 41-year old Colette Sulcer died Tuesday after exiting her car that stalled in floodwaters; both she and her daughter were swept away, the Beaumont Police Department said in a statement.

There are so many heartbreaking stories coming out of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. This one touched us, as have many, in that we can see once again God’s faithfulness to work out that end to which Colette Sulcer was fighting for. Life. Her daughter was spared by the merciful intervention of rescuers.

None can be plucked from His hand without His knowledge.

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