TGC: When Kids Won’t Bow to Your Idols

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The most profound parenting quote I’ve ever heard is from Dan Allender: “One of the biggest sources of conflict between you and your kids is when they refuse to bow down to your idols.”

I dare you to cross-stitch that and give it to a friend at her baby shower.

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One thought on “TGC: When Kids Won’t Bow to Your Idols

  1. Another source of this conflict: when, in time, your children’s Christian commitment works out in ways different to your own. My background is Pentecostal; for all sorts of reasons, I now worship in an Anglican fellowship. Or, in a Reformed context, a child which is brought up in a Covenantal family, then throws it all out the door to become a (gasp!) Southern Baptist. And is then (re) baptised, to make the point 😉


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