Crosspolitic: Christians have Lost Their Vision for Education

I grew up in the state of Texas and all my friends send their kids to public school and they think “hey it’s no big deal because I know the Christian principle down the road. I know the math teacher, he’s a Christian, we do ‘see you at the pole’ once a year, all these good things.” I just want to grab them by the ear and take them up to the state of Washington, and show them the transgender bathrooms that are developing. Every new government building has to have a transgender bathroom.

The problem is that Christians have for too long [thought] that they could basically coast. As long as there are Christians in there, and they don’t force evolution down our throats. “In our state there are a lot of Christians in the schools so they don’t force the transgender issue down the kids throats”

But that’s not the issue. We need to be training up soldiers. We want fighters. We want our sons and daughters to be arrows. That’s what God says they are, they are arrows in the hand of a mighty man. We want them to rise up and stand with us in the gates and contend with our enemies. So we’re training them to fight.

As soon as you try to have them fight they’re going to get kicked out. You’re not allowed to fight. They need to be taught to fight. You can’t send your kindergartener, your third grader to the public school and expect them to fight.

A lot of our Christian schools are not a whole lot better. At least there we have a chance but so many of our Christian schools just like government schools with bible classes. Homeschools can be the same way. You need to teach them to fight. They need to know who their enemies are and take them.

LISTEN to Crosspolitic episode “David Wheaton and the University of Destruction.

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