McDurmon: Egalitarianism’s dirty secret: the sexual objectification of women

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God is not an egalitarian. That is not a controversial statement. Neither is saying that the strong should protect the weak. These statements border on the obvious, yet the implications of these ideas can be controversial. The sexual objectification of women, and women specifically, is a sin worthy of being looked at closely precisely because men are the stronger vessel. Objectification and sexual objectification can be perpetrated by anyone. However, because egalitarianism is false, the risk to the weaker vessel is far more significant, and the strength of the stronger vessel comes with a greater responsibility—an important and often neglected responsibility. This article seeks to define terms and show that sexual objectification is indeed and issue Christians need to take seriously. The responsibility that Christians, especially men, have regarding the sexual objectification of women will come in a follow-up article.

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4 thoughts on “McDurmon: Egalitarianism’s dirty secret: the sexual objectification of women

  1. Hey, I’m trying to find the full article of this but I can’t seem to find it. The link takes me to just the website but not the article. Mind fixing the link or provide the real one? Thanks.


  2. Hi, the link to the article’s website doesn’t work. It leads me just to American Vision, but not the actual article, mind posting the link in the reply or fix it? Thanks.


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