Book Sale! A Gem for Every Family Library!

“My sweetheart Kate, I would not trade her for France or Venice…or all the riches of Croesus.” -Martin Luther

The story of Katharine von Bora’s life of faith is a story for every time of year, giving young people a role model which will encourage their own faith.

The faith lessons captured here by the authors are perfect for our time in history. All around us identity issues abound as young people are encouraged to find themselves in anything or anyone but Christ. What we need is this very book: the careful retelling of how God providentially transcended the powerful influences over Katharine’s life, and moved a woman by a strength of faith to face persecution and potential death in order to live in Christ alone.

The craftsmanship in story telling, illustrations and the book itself are very good. Katherine Von Bora, The Morning Star of Wittenberg will be a favorite which your family will return to again and again at story time.

Because your family will enjoy this reformation story so much, celebrate Reformation Day by purchasing your copy of, “Katherine Von Bora, The Morning Star of Wittenberg at a reduced sale price of $12.60 (Reg. $18.00), for one week only from October 31st through November 8th.

Be sure to Read what others are saying about “Katherine Von Bora, The Morning Start of Wittenberg” on Amazon!

Want to see some of the artwork up close? Visit the author’s Facebook page to see some delightful details and behind the scenes videos on the making of his marvelous book!

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