A Beautiful Woman: The Life and Legacy of Lenora Hammond

My first words to her were: “Miss Bathman, I presume? No time for formalities, we have a Missions Conference to attend and a display to set up.” I noticed that Lenora was impeccably dressed and had a carpet fabric handbag.

We spent the next 12 hours in constant conversation and by the time I delivered her to her hosts for the night, the house was ominously pitch dark. We evidently woke someone up with the doorbell who looked most put out at the lateness of the hour. We were apologetic. We really had lost track of time.
While in Kimberley, I took Lenora with me to a Chaplains service which I was invited to address at the local military base. I challenged Lenora: “There are over 1,000 soldiers here who have not seen a woman in the last three months. I want you to speak to them.”

Obviously, she felt intimidated, but she went ahead, showed her courage and passed the test. Within the next few days, I placed an application form for Frontline Fellowship before her and challenged her to join our mission. This she did, but not without letting me know what she expected of me as a mission leader. In fact, Lenora provided me with a 2½ page typed list of Biblical requirements for a leader and to this she appended a half page of what I could, in turn, expect from her. All this was backed up with Scriptures from the book of Timothy.

Under the question: “Why do you want to join Frontline Fellowship?” Lenora wrote: “To fight communism.” I was impressed. Read the rest of the Peter Hammond’s account of the women he was blessed to call his wife.

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