Skepticism helps Marriage

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If we’re going to be realistic it’s going to take a healthy dose of skepticism. This may seem strange to you, but I’ve been thinking a lot about this and I think skepticism is a large part of a good marriage. Skepticism. It doesn’t sound right. It’s not culturally and politically correct in it’s sound, I’ll admit that. We’re not supposed to be skeptical I don’t think. We’re supposed to be loving and trusting and glowing and going and all those positive words but no, I think skepticism is a really good word and I will tell you why. Because we live in a fallen world. And, because we live in the reality of Romans 7, that good that we would do we don’t do and the bad that we don’t want to do we do.

Therefore, skepticism is absolutely essential for spiritual wholeness. And, if it is essential for spiritual wholeness than it is essential for biblical faithfulness within the realm of marriage. Listen to the whole podcast on

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