Responsible Manhood: What Makes A Man

My son came to me carrying the New Testament given to him by a popular men’s ministry. Sandwiched inside the pages were pictures and biographies of “great” Christian men. They were all rough-and-tumble men; Olympic champions and professional athletes. He was in art school. “If this is the definition of a godly man,” he said, “I don’t have a prayer. Where are the artists, the … Continue reading Responsible Manhood: What Makes A Man

Responsible Manhood: Treating Women With Respect

Editor’s note: The author makes a differentiation between ‘boys’ and ‘men’ which I don’t think is a fair statement about boyhood. We get his point, but I would like to point out further that there are many a noble and pure boy who is earnestly about the ways of godliness and should be honored for his faithfulness. The appropriate word the author is looking for … Continue reading Responsible Manhood: Treating Women With Respect

Responsible Manhood: Faithful to God

The only lesson my father learned from his father was to live for self. After James I, each preceding generation blew more money, partied a little more, moved further and further from biblical living, and became increasingly foolish. Until God pulled me out of the pit, I was well on my way to surpassing them all on that path of wickedness. My grandfather was married … Continue reading Responsible Manhood: Faithful to God

Responsible Manhood: A Mentor is No Substitute for a Father

Esquire Magazine recently launched a mentoring initiative to create 100,000 new mentors by 2020. The campaign seeks to “make a tremendous impact” on the lives of young men that are caught in a cycle of failure. Esquire asked 50 high-profile men including James Franco, Sen. Marco Rubio, Samuel L. Jackson, David Petraeus, Lenny Kravitz, Matthew Broderick and Joel Osteen: “Who made you the man you … Continue reading Responsible Manhood: A Mentor is No Substitute for a Father

Challies: My Wife’s Plea to Christian Men

greener grass

[Editor’s note: First, with regards to “False Messages,” if you take the time to read “False Messages,” and I hope you do, I think you’ll find it rewarding as well as great insight into this article by Aileen Challies. I do want to make a couple notes however. One is on the point of men feeling rejection. Women feel it to. Women make huge investments too and are often retorted, belittled, and misunderstood. We can understand what they are going through. Also, while Aileen Challies is speaking only about the sexual aspect of marriage, the conflict she outlines so well happens in other areas of marriage as well. We can show rejection of our loved ones in more ways than one and so can men. So, please don’t react to what she’s saying. She’s done a great job of making the principle clear. It’s excellent wisdom, so please be gracious understanding she’s teaching in only one context.  Continue reading “Challies: My Wife’s Plea to Christian Men”

Dr. Paul Church Unflinchingly Tells Medical and Moral Truth About Homosexual Behavior

[Editor’s Note: Another for our Responsible Manhood section. We’re grateful and deeply encouraged by Dr. Church for his unflinching stance. Read the time line of events including Dr. Church’s response to BIDMC’s homosexual activism here] Through emails to hospital officials and later posting on the hospital’s Intranet system, Dr. Church cited irrefutable medical evidence that high-risk sexual practices common to the LGBT community lead to … Continue reading Dr. Paul Church Unflinchingly Tells Medical and Moral Truth About Homosexual Behavior

Oops, there goes my gender!

When Jennie Chancey initially approached me about being a contributor to the Ladies Against Feminism blog, my first reaction was to assure her that I am not a lady against feminism at all. Rather, I am a man against feminism.

The clarification was necessary, because I have developed more than a few online acquaintances who, I later discovered, were operating under the mistaken assumption that I was female. (This has always puzzled me since “Robin” is such a manly name.) Jennie assured me that she knew I was male and that this shouldn’t stop me from contributing occasional articles to the LAF blog.

[Editor’s note: We do welcome contributions from both male and female writers. 🙂 While LAF is primarily by women and for women, we do have several men who contribute excellent pieces from time to time, particularly for our “Responsible Manhood” section, which is by men for men. And we’re delighted to find cogent, thoughtful writing on our theme topics from good writers. Thanks to all the readers who have recommended new writers to us through the years. If you’ve got a favorite author or article, why not pop over to LAF’s Facebook page to post a link and share? Thanks!]

(Warning, not for young readers) Continue reading “Oops, there goes my gender!”

How Pam Dorr Turned A Town Around

Feminism creates dependency on socialism. It undermines the potential greatness of mankind and reduces us to children squabbling over a meager dinner on the government’s dinner table, placed there through redistribution. Pam Dorr on the other hand, is a great example of a private citizen creating human flourishing (life liberty and the pursuit of happiness) through an independent free market, understanding that resources aren’t limited, … Continue reading How Pam Dorr Turned A Town Around

Challies: It’s Not Just A Guy Thing?

Every guy has received a warning about “the second glance.” Here’s how it works: When you see an attractive woman, you are morally responsible for the second glance, not the first. Because you cannot help seeing what is there in front of you, the second glance is the one where you will display sin or virtue. It is here that you make the moral choice—the … Continue reading Challies: It’s Not Just A Guy Thing?