Do you have something helpful to offer our readership? Let’s find out! LAF’s reach is continually growing on our main site and through our social media reach. We have many interests here, from cloth diapers to politics we’re interested in anything that will help us be better biblically focused and accomplished women.

Email us at LAF email for more information about advertising to our readers or with questions about our ad packages.

Who can advertise here:

Photographers, Designers and Illustrators: Every article needs a smashing visual. Expand your reach when you showcase your photography or graphic design within articles and our feature pieces. We’ll sight your business and link to your webpage. Our sidebar is available to you as well. A run through our social media is included in this package.

Event Coordinators: Do you have an important event coming up? A feature article + social media package might do the trick. Our sidebar and Pinterest Events board welcomes you too. Whether it’s a live online conference or a local event our audience is interested in many topics. Creation science, home health, politics, homeschooling, wedding shows, Independent film, entrepreneurship, ministry, child rearing and more.

Product Launch: Have you authored a new book? Produced a family friendly film? Creative modest fashion designs? Let us help you launch with one of our ad choices or custom combo ad package. You choose!

Business Owners: We want to promote family integrated businesses and we’d love to hear your story and advertise your business. LAF/BW is looking for feature stories about entrepreneurs who have broken out of the normal working world, who know what it takes to make it on their own. Share your experience. Share your success. Tell us why the world needs a business and product or service like yours.

Who else? Do you have something to offer our readership? Contact us and let us know. Let’s see if we’re a match!

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