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© Ah, the Life... Designs
© Ah, the Life… Designs

Welcome authors! Thank you for joining this endeavor to provide positive, thoughtful wisdom that will guide the next generation through the mistakes, mishaps, misconceptions, and lies by which feminism has waylaid our society and culture, and 10,000’s of thousands of women for many decades.

Every generation has its nagging doubts about feminism.  Individually, some women flat out do not buy it, some have been made confused and are looking for truth, and some have no idea they have been targeted with revisionist history about the feminist movement. Older feminists continually try hard to convince the world that it needs feminism making it hard to determine what it really means to be a woman, and so here lies our great work and opportunity to speak clearly to those who are willing to listen. (Ecc. 9:13-18)

The best way to build an environment where women will flourish and which exposes the Marxist message of feminism is with positive, powerful portrayals of genuine biblical womanhood. So, while Beautiful Womanhood (BW/LAF) will still have articles about the failures of feminism, our focus is also on the victories of biblical womanhood. We need to reach out to the next generation and confirm their desire to return to meaningful family life and celebrate the unique, complementary roles of men and women. (John 15:9-17) And so the articles we accept here are uplifting, intelligent, thought-provoking,  energetic and primarily extolling the virtues of Biblical Womanhood and the work of Christ in the life of a believer.

He who boasts of grace has little grace to boast of. -Charles Sprugeon

Do keep in mind that BW/LAF’s audience is broad. We are not here to bad-mouth anyone, but to encourage them and inspire them to find their way home, and find hope in whatever situation they’re in. (Job 4:4, Prov. 12:18, 15;1, 16:23, 25:11, 27:2, Isa. 50:4, 2 Cor 7:6) Remember that there are women in a variety of situations who want to embrace what BW/LAF promotes if they can find a way to do so. (Acts 8:30-31) We do not publish articles that will intentionally wound women in those situations. And while we have many, many articles on stay-at-home wives, marriage, motherhood and parenting, we want to acknowledge that there are a lot of women stuck in the workforce, unmarried, and also childless needing encouragement as they seek to fulfill their God-given role in life. We’d like to see more articles from women struggling with barrenness, working through an adoption, seeking other ways to positively influence the next generation in their single years, and working their way home.

One final note on what we post on BW/LAF: We have a zero-tolerance policy for gossip. It is very unfortunate that the internet, the news, the papers are full of it. This is evidence of our dark hearts apart from Christ. We understand that since the culture within which we all live is fraught with gossip, slander, poor reporting, and out right lies, it is often the case we are so used ‘spin’ we’ve lost a sense of reality and truth. We ask that you are prayerful and careful about what you write and why you write. Also, if you find a good article you’d like to link to from a BW/LAF post, please do a little checking to make sure the site doesn’t contain any gossip or inappropriate talk about others. Thanks!

Accepted Articles Submissions

Beautiful Womanhood/LAF follows the Chicago Manual of Style rules for grammar and punctuation. You can search the Manual online if you have questions about grammatical issues. Following is a short list of basic rules to keep in mind:

  1. Place a single space between sentences.
  2. Place punctuation marks within quotation marks (e.g. “Where did Helen go?” rather than “Where did Helen go”?). There are some exceptions, but they are few and far between, and you can learn about them in the Manual if you wish.
  3. Avoid passive voice at all costs (e.g. “I am being” instead of “I am” or “I was going” instead of “I went”).
  4. Definitely run your eye over your articles to check for text with red underlining. That indicates a misspelled word. Sometimes spell-check is misleading and will underline something that isn’t misspelled (like a person’s name), but it will also catch pretty much all common spelling errors.
  5. If you are an overseas writer, don’t worry about changing the spellings of words to reflect American English — no need to change “colour” to “color,” etc. We love British English and prefer to have BW/LAF reflect its worldwide readership and diversity of authors. 🙂

You do not need to come up with totally original content for BW/LAF. It is perfectly kosher to take something you’ve written for your own site (even if it’s an oldie) and submit it for publication here.

You are also more than welcome to email links to articles of interest you’ve run across on other sites. We do this frequently, usually including a short commentary on the article with a link to the full piece at the end. If you see an article on feminism and feminists, or issues relating like abortion, that grabs your attention, please feel free to email a link with your commentary. It doesn’t matter if someone else has already commented on the same piece; more than one opinion is great!

You can also email us links to good pieces from other blogs. Articles covering a variety of issues related to feminism and womanhood include: commentaries, personal testimonies, inspirational essays, practical helps on homemaking, thoughts on child-rearing, and more.

Please submit your articles to lafbwad(at)gmail(dot)com for review

BW/LAF does not retain rights to original articles published here. They are the sole property of the author. The copyright notice in the footer of the site is just to keep others from taking an author’s work and publishing it elsewhere without permission. If the article needs to be edited we contact the author first before publishing a revised version.

Thank you again! We hope to keep adding more excellent writers as we go on. If you have a recommendation, don’t hesitate to drop a line!


The Editing Staff

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