UK Readers – How to Work from Home

For many, working from home is a step to coming home. For others it’s the ideal family arrangement to have Daddy’s office right down the hallway and wives can help with that. Integrated family life adds so many benefits for raising children. Here in the US the tax benefits out weigh employee status by far. Here’s a great “how to” for our UK readers. Enjoy. … Continue reading UK Readers – How to Work from Home

Getting Back Home: Practical Financial Steps

Two jobs in one household just isn’t cutting it. After paying federal and state income tax, and social security, reducing taxes in a vary limited fashion as an employee, deducting from the second income work related expenses, ie the cost of the second car, travel, day care (which can offer a tax credit), work wardrobe, eating out, etc. which all adds up pretty quickly, the … Continue reading Getting Back Home: Practical Financial Steps

Hobby Lobby Ruling ‘Victory for Religious Freedom’

WASHINGTON — In a victory for Hobby Lobby, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that profit-seeking businesses such as the arts and crafts chain can hold religious views under federal law. The Oklahoma-based company is owned by the Green family, who are devout Christians. They said Obamacare’s mandate requiring they provide insurance coverage for all forms of birth control violates their religious rights. The court agreed. … Continue reading Hobby Lobby Ruling ‘Victory for Religious Freedom’

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2014–Now Available for a Limited Time for 95% Off!

By popular demand, 100+ homemaking bloggers are bringing back The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, and it’s better than ever! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a complete library of great eBooks on homemaking—a truly valuable knowledge base you’ll use for many years to come. Unlike a library, though, you don’t have to spend years building it up. The Ultimate Bundles team has done the hard work for … Continue reading The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2014–Now Available for a Limited Time for 95% Off!

Marketplace Womanhood: Dumping Debt

If you’re in debt, here’s the good news: All the debt you’ve ever accumulated, you accumulated in the past. Even if you put a $500 purse on a credit card this morning, that mistake is in your past. All you have now is your present and your future. If you’re tired of debt, there’s no greater opportunity than the one you have right now to … Continue reading Marketplace Womanhood: Dumping Debt

Why I hated College

Another great piece on the reality of college. For alternative ideas about higher education, The Family Economics Conference hosted by Generations With Vision has covered that topic with panel discussions by Fathers and Sons who have proven there is no need for college. Mature, capable, financially stable and ready to marry before most are out of college. The homeschool movement has proven itself. Also see … Continue reading Why I hated College

Hope for the Proverbs 31 Business Woman

Support Glory of Africa

There is a lot of concern about the future in American, especially for the sake of future generations. For all the difficulties our culture presents us it seems impossible to fathom accomplishing all that goes into building a solid viable family structure that will allow us to influence and disciple the next generation as well as our communities and as far as our influence will reach.

How it possible to shift from utilizing government schools to home education? How is it possible for mothers to be free to come home and start building a unified and solid family-centered economy? These are questions that have been asked again and again. And here we have the very example of how all of this is accomplished coming to us all the way from Africa.

For the most part the answer is “It happens a little bit at a time.” Our spare hours become some of the most important. Being in community where families can disciple one another is important. Encouraging one another in the love and faithfulness to Christ, is as important as is our experience, our wisdom, our vision, and our practical skills. A love for learning will open vistas to us which we had not seen before. The beginning and the end of this journey will be bookended in hope. Hope to set out, leaving our comfort zone, trying something new, learning what and who to trust, and rounding out our understanding of where provision truly comes from. And the ending will be our glory story filled with greater hope as a reward for faithfulness, enjoying renewed strength, greater confidence, higher aptitudes, wiser perspectives, and vision for a future filled and fueled by hope. Continue reading “Hope for the Proverbs 31 Business Woman”

Entrepreneurship Helps Hatian Women Keep Their Children

Where charity failed and hurt the Haitian economy entrepreneurial vision made way for hope to become reality. Haitian women rebuild their lives by embracing  and capitalizing on the pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness. Shelley Clay founded Papillon Enterprise in 2008 after quickly surmising the worth for Haitians of business startups versus charity handouts. Shelley and her husband, Corrigan, traveled to Haiti in 2007 hoping … Continue reading Entrepreneurship Helps Hatian Women Keep Their Children

Join us for the ‘February is Red’ Pinterest Promotion & Marketplace Launch

‘February Is Red’. Click to see… Did you know that LAF/Beautiful Womanhood is on Pinterest? We are. We’ve been building boards that will bring you vision, inspiration, good deals, resources and business opportunity that fits with your life and style. Some people tweet, some are facebookers, and some love to pin. We hope we’ve captured your Pinterest. Why are we on Pinterest? We are launching the … Continue reading Join us for the ‘February is Red’ Pinterest Promotion & Marketplace Launch

Starting Your Business – Part 1

In addition to wealth generation and Kingdom impact (such as we see with the Cook’s Pest Control case), having your own business – especially a family business – can also reform the family economy and relationships. A family business can reverse the conditioning by our consumer-driven economy to spend our earnings on wood, hay, and stubble rather than invest for a future return. Further, a family business … Continue reading Starting Your Business – Part 1