Kelly Needham on Grief and God’s Glory

Grief is the recognition that something has been lost forever. It forces us into an awareness that we have no control to change or fix the situation. What is gone is gone and can never be regained, at least not fully. Grief is an emotion we don’t gladly welcome. We keep it at arm’s length pretending it will go away if we wait long enough. And sometimes it … Continue reading Kelly Needham on Grief and God’s Glory

Abolitionist Lawyer Bradley Pierce Testifies for HB 813 in Louisiana

Abolish Abortion Texas and Foundation to Abolish Abortion President Bradley Pierce gives testimony in favor of HB 813 at the Louisiana Capitol on May 4th, 2022. HB 813 if passed would abolish abortion in Louisiana. The committee advanced the bill favorably to the full Louisiana House of Representatives for a floor vote. Learn more: & Continue reading Abolitionist Lawyer Bradley Pierce Testifies for HB 813 in Louisiana

ACBC: The Abuse Pendulum

I am thankful to God that many necessary and important books and articles are being written to increase awareness of physical and sexual abuse as they affect both the society at large and the Christian community in particular. Spiritual leaders have been rightly admonished for their failure to protect at-risk women and children.1 Abuses which should have been exposed have been covered up, leading to more … Continue reading ACBC: The Abuse Pendulum

ERLC: Is it Abuse?

When we encounter abuse and grapple with the evil it perpetrates, many people often wonder, “Why doesn’t she just leave?” Sometimes the question comes with the judgment “It’s her fault if she doesn’t” The question is better framed as “Why is she choosing to stay?” There are 4 reasons why I have seen women remain in abusive marriages. As we consider each, I will suggest … Continue reading ERLC: Is it Abuse?