What Does a Stay-at-Home Do All Day?

Quite honestly, I don’t like the term “stay-at-home mom.” It testifies to the fact that there are moms who don’t stay at home, and I wish it didn’t have to be so.

But there’s an enormous gulf now between “have to work” and “want to work.” The gulf was a complicated build, and now we can’t even remember the “norm”, when women stayed at home because, well, there was a household to run and important lives who depended on her, and it didn’t matter that they couldn’t afford new socks–it was her job to darn them so they didn’t have to.

No, our generation doesn’t remember because they were told another story. They were told that women were home because they *had* to be, (not because it best served their families) and that one little word touches a rebellious chord in us and we jump on the band wagon to “save women from oppression.” We think “stay” is a derogatory word and though all good sense said that a healthy family needs someone devoted to nurturing it, we passed up the job.

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Lunch Challenge

I like food.  Where I grew up, food was and is an enormous part of the culture.  We go to restaurants much less but take our time for meals.  My mother is a great cook, and, while I was rather reluctant to learn at a young age, once I became a student, I made up for that reluctance pretty quickly.  With young children now, life gets busy, and at the moment I do not have time for gourmet meals or leisurely dinners.  Still, I try to make an effort to put good and creative food on the table.

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It’s never too late to start your day

An important component of being happy at home is to be busily, cheerfully, and productively employed. It doesn’t mean running around from the moment you get up until you go to bed; the daily rhythm has its ebb and flow, busy hours and quiet hours. But it’s so satisfying to look back at the end of a day, on all the cooking and baking, cleaning and laundry, ironing and sewing, decorating and schooling, and to think how much your family has benefited from your efforts. A day of good, hard work right here at home is one of the things I enjoy the most. Continue reading “It’s never too late to start your day”

The two worlds of the homemaker

Sometimes life gives you lemons, and, being a homemaker, you make lemonade.  Sometimes life gives you pink flowers, and you arrange them in a vase…  and sometimes life gives you cookie crumbs and peanut butter smears, and the only thing you can do is wipe them up and love the ones who have left them for you. The following is a story of how some pink roses inspired me to clean up half of my house to better enjoy their elegance.

© Liubov Ezhova | Dreamstime.com

There is a vase with pink roses standing next to me on the desk. They make me smile every single time I look at them. My husband is the most wonderful, romantic man, but these roses were not a gift from him. Being busy at work and coming home to help me with our active boy rarely leaves time for a stop for flowers. I love flowers, though, and they add a little touch of something extra feminine to the interior. Continue reading “The two worlds of the homemaker”

Today’s Homemaker: Not What You Expected?

Recently, at the True Woman conference, we were challenged to begin a “counter revolution.”  That is, a counter revolution to the revolution started around the 60’s that has continually pulled women farther from home, their children, and the love of family.

Whether she meant to or not, Betty Friedan was forced to paint a bleak picture of the woman at home. Through interviews baited with questions like, “Tell me how you’re hurting,” women began to be soothed by the promise of a “fulfilling life” outside the home. Continue reading “Today’s Homemaker: Not What You Expected?”

A Season for Hospitality

I used to think that summers were the best time for hospitality, since everything is so well lit and beautiful, but I have come to see that winter is the season for hospitality. People need this diversion during cold winter months. It is a perfect time for a Winter Tea. You don’t have to actually drink tea in order to host an Afternoon Tea, and you can even serve the hot punch I share in my homemaking article in tea cups or in the glass snack tray sets that you see here:

These were once popular and now can be purchased at antique and second-hand shops for very reasonable prices.

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Hospitality from Home

There will be times that you cannot show hospitality in your own home. If you are recovering from illness, for example, it would not be wise to invite people to dinner. If you do not have adequate living facilities or have temporary upheavals in your house or your life, you will not be able to make guests comfortable. Also, there are people who desperately need hospitality, but cannot get to your home due to infirmities, schedule conflicts or transportation problems. Maybe you are tending to your small children and just don’t have the time to prepare your home for hospitality.

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