God’s Providence While in the Valley

Why Lord, Why? I could not believe this was happening. Haven’t I been obedient to you? Why is this happening? The pain I felt was heart-wrenching. I was scared and doubtful wondering if we had made the right decision to have the reversal and trust God with our fertility. I told my husband that we had made a mistake.

We had made the decision to have a tubal ligation because of the risks associated with multiple c-sections. All four of our children were born via c-section. I was not prepared for the regret and sadness that I would feel immediately after having a procedure that took my fertility away. I would cry and cry over the thought of never being able to become pregnant again. After much prayer and time spent studying God’s Word, we made the decision to have a reversal. On March 2nd, 2010, (2 1/2 years after my tubal ligation) my reversal was performed. Nothing compared to the peace and joy that I felt knowing that I was whole again. Continue reading “God’s Providence While in the Valley”