Being a Gentleman ‘Sexist’, say Feminists


No Longer Politically Correct to be a Gentleman

Chivalry is demeaning towards women and a sign of ‘sexism’ in men, feminist psychologists now claim.

The controversial claims follow a report for the Psychology of Women Quarterly which asserts that there is a cluster of behaviours called ‘benevolent sexism’ which manifests itself in everything from opening doors for girls to men offering to help women choose the right computer. (See Andy Bloxham’s Telegraph article, Chivalry is actually ‘benevolent sexism’, feminists conclude.”)

Playing the part of a gentleman is a particularly insidious form of ‘benevolent sexism’, rooted in warm feelings towards women, the researchers claim. While gentlemanly behaviour might at first appear to be positive towards women, it is actually a form of gender colonialism.

“The warm, fuzzy feelings surrounding benevolent sexism come at a cost,” warned Melanie Tannenbaum in the Scientific American last April, “and that cost is often actual, objective gender equality.” Continue reading “Being a Gentleman ‘Sexist’, say Feminists”

Men and Women are not equal.

Thanks, Matt Walsh. This is spot on: In the last couple of days I’ve been told a thousand times by a thousand different folks that feminism is simply “the belief that men and women are equal.” Then these same people will kindly inform me that I am a feminist, whether I think so or not. Wow, thanks everyone. Why should I worry about defining myself … Continue reading Men and Women are not equal.