When I feel Afraid

By Leeann Stiles at the Gospel Coalition I’ve struggled with fears as long as I can remember. Separation anxiety as a toddler, overwhelming dread of starting school, apprehension about sleeping over at a friend’s house: my early years were haunted. Even though I outgrew many of my fears, others plague me to this day. Some center around events—like public speaking—while others spin off “what ifs.” … Continue reading When I feel Afraid

Fundamentally Afraid

By Daniel Gardner over there.

Fundamentally afraid

Parents, are your children cowered into becoming frightened poster-boys of your ideology? Know this: fear eventually wears off. And when it does, they will search for sure footing and find none. They’ll wish you had been honest, upfront and gracious about truth, instead of focusing so much on fear.

Fear is appropriate when it walks alongside truth. But when it replaces truth, fear becomes an instrument of abuse, distortion, and resentment.

A child who is warned regarding electrical outlets will know both fear and truth. This is healthy. But a child who is threatened with monster stories, will one day discover the truth on her own and throw all caution to the wind. Her reckless abandon will be proportional to the fear once ingrained in her.

Children with fear complexes grow up with serious misconceptions. Continue reading “Fundamentally Afraid”

Office Hours: Girlie Christianity, Part 1

From this week’s Boundless webzine newsletter: Let me be clear: I appreciate women. Whether in the home or the marketplace or government or church, women have contributed much to their communities. But it’s also become clear that there seems to be an imbalance in many churches, an imbalance that has alienated many men. Sentimental “worship” songs, offered in a key too high for men to … Continue reading Office Hours: Girlie Christianity, Part 1