Gendercide: When Does Gender Equality Begin?

[Editor’s Note: This article is revealing. Spin and manipulation have long been tools of the abortion industry. Claiming to be pro-woman, new legislation against gendercide poses a real problem for the abortion community as they continue with their facade.] The impositions that some immigrant women suffer [under which stem] from their communities are often shocking to their Western sisters. These practices range from burquas [and] female … Continue reading Gendercide: When Does Gender Equality Begin?

Femicide in America

  Editor’s Note: Biblically grounded patriarchal societies do not believe in or support abortion or femicide. The article reports in error on this point.  A brand-new study that purports to show sex-selective abortions don’t happen in the United States instead confirms the opposite. The racist Right is at it again, or so we’re meant to believe. This time, Asian Americans are in the crosshairs, as … Continue reading Femicide in America