Mercatornet: Infertility and Ignorance

Feminism taught a us a different kind of womanhood all together. One that had little to do with how God designed women, and what His intended purposes are. Unfortunately, many women discover this truth far too late. As reported by the Chicago Tribune recently, a national survey of childless women in the USA aged 25-45 found that while more than half wanted to have kids … Continue reading Mercatornet: Infertility and Ignorance

Is There A Contraception Conspiracy?

[Editor’s note: It’s not that hard to believe in conspiracy any more. While theorists are often characterized as building a false reality on a lot of speculation and little investigation and stirring up fears,  facts remain difficult things as Planned Parenthood just learned. Evil exists because the depravity of man exists. Whether we’re in the NFP or quiverful camp, we’re all too well acquainted with … Continue reading Is There A Contraception Conspiracy?

This Fertility Clinic Biologist May Be the Father to 600 Children!

You know the saying, truth is stranger than fiction. Meet Bertold Wiesner. He was a British biologist who ran a fertility clinic from the 1940s to 1960s with the help of his wife, Mary Barton. He claimed to have helped infertile, British women conceive 1,500 children through artificial insemination. That is, by directly injecting sperm into the uterus, by artificial means. His big drawing card … Continue reading This Fertility Clinic Biologist May Be the Father to 600 Children!

Whose Baby Is It?

Most of the major newspapers have highlighted the news from Italy of an impending court battle between two different sets of ‘parents’, fighting over soon-to-be-born twins. An Italian woman is shortly to give birth to twins from embryos that were implanted at a fertility clinic during IVF treatment, but, as a result of a mistake, she was implanted with another couple’s embryos. The pregnant woman has – not … Continue reading Whose Baby Is It?

Donor Deaths in India Highlight Surrogacy Perils

Two women have died from causes tied to their role as egg donors in India’s booming market for artificial reproduction. Advocates are pressing the government to publicize health warnings and pass regulations. NEW DELHI (WOMENSENEWS)–When Yuma Sherpa told doctors at a private fertility clinic here that she wanted to back out, her husband’s lawyer says they encouraged her to keep going. Sherpa was assured the pain … Continue reading Donor Deaths in India Highlight Surrogacy Perils

Sloan, Lahl: Inconvenient truths about commercial surrogacy

The Minnesota Senate and House are currently considering two separate bills to legalize commercial surrogacy in the state (S.F. 2627 and H.F. 291). This is occurring despite that similar legislation was defeated just last year and a bill similar to what has been proposed in the Senate was vetoed in 2008. One would think that since Minnesota has twice rejected the proposal of legalizing baby-selling … Continue reading Sloan, Lahl: Inconvenient truths about commercial surrogacy

Marriage & Children Bruhaha – You Can’t Have It All

It’s hard for a inexperienced 20-year-old to know who’s telling the truth. Some say you can’t have it all, some say you can. Are the ones who are saying you can’t have it all just making excuses because they’re not successful? Susan Patton, Princeton graduate and mother of 2 Princeton graduates writes to the editor of her alma mater telling 20-somethings to marry and have babies. … Continue reading Marriage & Children Bruhaha – You Can’t Have It All

Fertility Treatment Pioneer Calls for Caution

The renowned Lord Winston of Hammersmith is in New Zealand at the moment visiting schools to educate students about infertility and the dangers of waiting too long to have children.  It’s interesting – and a little ironic – that the fertility expert, who pioneered IVF while it was still in its trial stages, is now warning that the rapid advance in reproductive technologies is making … Continue reading Fertility Treatment Pioneer Calls for Caution

Multiple Sclerosis linked to Contraceptive Pill

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Editor’s note: This article has sidebars ads which are not for young audiences. 

Taking the contraceptive Pill may increase a woman’s chance of developing multiple sclerosis, researchers warn.

The risk of MS could be up to 50 per cent higher among women on the Pill, according to a new US study.

The findings also show young obese women are at greater risk of the disease, probably because they produce higher levels of a hormone known to regulate appetite.

Previous research had suggested that oral contraception could cut MS risk, or delay its onset. Continue reading “Multiple Sclerosis linked to Contraceptive Pill”