THANK YOU! The Morning Center won!

From The Morning Center’s blog: It’s amazing the difference one person can make. Let me back up. The Morning Center just won a $50,000 grant from Cultivate Wines.  This particular grant is won by gathering a tribe to vote daily at the Cultivate Wines website.  Every person over 21 can vote once per day, and the total number of votes at the end determines the winners.  … Continue reading THANK YOU! The Morning Center won!

“Sewing Love” for the Lee and Crawford ladies

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If you’ve been following LAF’s posts for the past ten days, you know all about the devastating losses experienced due to the tornadoes in Alabama and other states. LAF writer Kelly Crawford and her family lost their home, vehicles, and most of what they owned in a matter of seconds. Neighbor and fellow blogger Sherry Lee lost not only her home and possessions but also her husband of 30 years and the father of her children.

There are several fundraisers in progress to help these families begin to rebuild, replace vehicles, and start over (see earlier posts). But we’ve gotten lots of comments from people wanting to know if there was a special way they could assist these families. Knowing the Lees and Crawfords personally, I began to try to think of a unique way LAF readers could bless them. LAF reader Carol K. dropped me a line to ask if either family had a mother or daughter who liked to sew and mentioned wanting to send sewing supplies if that was the case.

Larisa Lofitskaya http://www.dreamstime.comThe light bulb went on in my head immediately, as both the Crawford and Lee ladies love to sew and produced many of the things their families wore or used around the home. So we began to swap ideas about how we could pitch in to rebuild those sewing rooms. With the loss of really important, “big ticket” items like homes and vehicles, sewing machines, patterns, fabric, and other supplies would naturally be pushed to the bottom of the list of priorities. So we decided to start an online “sewing bee” of sorts to fill this need. Continue reading ““Sewing Love” for the Lee and Crawford ladies”