Rethink Harvard’s Sexual Harassment Policy

In July, Harvard University announced a new university-wide policy aimed at preventing sexual harassment and sexual violence based on gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity. The new policy, which applies to all schools within the university and to all Harvard faculty, administrators, and students, sets up the Office for Sexual and Gender-Based Dispute Resolution to process complaints against students. Both the definition of sexual harassment and the … Continue reading Rethink Harvard’s Sexual Harassment Policy

Rational Men, Irrational Women

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Editor’s Note: Yes! Yes! Yes! Give Leslie Loftis a medal. This is a very important piece with regard to how we direct our daughter’s futures and sons for that matter. Leslie sees through the feminist lies and cast vision for what is to come. 

Feminists are pronouncing the end of men but economic trends could force them to change their tune

The showcased successes of 40- and 50-something women are not materializing for the young. If young women continue to uncritically pursue formal higher education, then many will be faced with paying off college debt by tamping espresso or relying on an economic match for marriage.

The economic independence women are so proud of, so protective of, will slip out of reach for many of our daughters. Not the elites, of course, their daughters will be able to pay for the prestigious degrees to occupy the dwindling number of MBA positions. As usual, it will be middle class, minority, and immigrant daughters who will bear the unintended consequences of the conventional wisdom.

Men Are In Position To Take Advantage Of Economic Changes Continue reading “Rational Men, Irrational Women”