Romeikes Stay but Obama Wins, for Now.

Everything Obama and Co. does is to grow the State and give it more control and power over our lives. “So this administration gets the law they want, and they get to come out looking like the kind and merciful savior. I think the administration is hoping that we’ll all clap and cheer, and thank Obama for his kindness, and then move on, forgetting about … Continue reading Romeikes Stay but Obama Wins, for Now.

VIDEO: What is Common Core? You’re About To Find Out

Common Core assignment. Photo:
Common Core assignment makes sixth-graders SCRAP Bill of Rights amendments

If you are here at LAF because you have certain convictions about family, education, the foundations of your freedoms and liberties, than this film is why you are here. THIS, is why you are here. Submitted by a concerned reader, a young one at that, who still hopes, who still knows why we’re here and what we are called to live and fight for. If you aren’t going to watch this, if you can’t make yourself watch this, if you don’t have time to share this then look around and question why. This is the sort of film that will make you look in the mirror and ask yourself what you stand for. Comment, and share.

From one of our readers comes a plea for the rest of us to educate ourselves about what we’re really up against with the Common Core curriculum and initiative.

Hello LAF,
My name is D*****, I’ve been following your blog since I was 16 (I’ve just turned 18). I am emailing you about the Common Core, everyone should know about this. It isn’t just harmful to public schooled kids, but also to private schooled, home-schooled, and even the freedom of other people. I urge you to PLEASE watch this video (link below) when you get an opportunity and spread the word! Christians especially need to stick together on this, we’re in a spiritual war and must fight together, uplift and comfort one another. And since I have the chance, I must also thank you for starting and maintaining the LAF blog. It has definitely given me some hope that there are other true believers out there.
God bless,

What you’re about to see in the video below exposes a reach far beyond what any of us imagined or have been made aware of. I have been looking for this information as I have seen posts around on the web of absurd assignments children are subject to. But Common Core is more than dumb math strategies, the exposure of moral depravity, and ambiguous literature studies and it has everything to do with homeschool families as well as those who are utilizing government schooling. Continue reading “VIDEO: What is Common Core? You’re About To Find Out”

Democrat: Investigate Every Homeschool Parent

A proposal by a state senator in Ohio, Cafri Cafaro, a Democrat, would require every homeschooling parent in Ohio to be investigated – and approved of – by various social services agencies before they would be allowed to teach their own children. And officials with the Home School Legal Defense Association say it is the “worst-ever homeschool law proposed.” “SB 248 is breathtakingly onerous in its scope,” says a report assembled … Continue reading Democrat: Investigate Every Homeschool Parent

Study Shows Christian Kids Becoming Secular Humanists


Christian Schools and Public Schools

The Nehemiah Institute has conducted the PEERS Worldview test on kids from Christian families for over 25 years.  Year after year, these “Christian” kids attending “Christian” schools and Public schools test lower and lower on the worldview scale. They have less adherence to a Christian worldview and more adherence to a secular humanist worldview.  The only group registering any improvement are homeschooled children.  Dan Smithwick has been faithfully administering this test, and witnessing the destruction of the Christian faith amongst our young people.  The problem is severe, and Christian churches and families should take note, or there will be few Christians left in another ten years.

Swanson: There is a concerted effort friends, on the part of very smart, very powerful men, intellectuals, and political movers and shakers that control the national education association and other very very powerful organizations that will turn your children into apostates, that will be sure that your children will abandon the faith and will be secularists by the year 2020 or 2025. And of course I detail some of those strategies in my book Apostate: The Men Who Destroyed The Christian West. But what we’re seeing here is the true effect of these men’s work and it’s pretty impressive what they have done.

Smithwick: I like to say that the PEERS Chart showed how successful these men were because this is what they wanted to have happen. Going back to John Dewy, this is exactly what John Dewy wanted, a de-Christianized classroom and now we’ve given that to him. Continue reading “Study Shows Christian Kids Becoming Secular Humanists”