4 Moms practice hospitality, and YOU are invited!

Kim over at Life in a Shoe has an excellent post about practicing hospitality: This week the 4 Moms are talking about having guests for dinner.  Not in a cannibalistic way – which would be forbidden in the Bible – but in a hospitality way, which is actually commanded in the Bible. Show hospitality to one another without grumbling. ~I Peter 4:9 Do not neglect … Continue reading 4 Moms practice hospitality, and YOU are invited!

A Ministry of Muffins

There is a homeless man who lives in our town… well, at least I think he’s homeless. Most people say that he is. Although someone told me he has an attic room somewhere on the east side of town, and that may be true. Someone else who knows someone who works in the bank says he has a fortune in a savings account, but that seems unlikely. Early in the mornings, he walks methodically up and down the streets, combing through the garbage and under hedges looking for empty bottles. Continue reading “A Ministry of Muffins”

A Season for Hospitality

I used to think that summers were the best time for hospitality, since everything is so well lit and beautiful, but I have come to see that winter is the season for hospitality. People need this diversion during cold winter months. It is a perfect time for a Winter Tea. You don’t have to actually drink tea in order to host an Afternoon Tea, and you can even serve the hot punch I share in my homemaking article in tea cups or in the glass snack tray sets that you see here:

These were once popular and now can be purchased at antique and second-hand shops for very reasonable prices.

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Hospitality from Home

There will be times that you cannot show hospitality in your own home. If you are recovering from illness, for example, it would not be wise to invite people to dinner. If you do not have adequate living facilities or have temporary upheavals in your house or your life, you will not be able to make guests comfortable. Also, there are people who desperately need hospitality, but cannot get to your home due to infirmities, schedule conflicts or transportation problems. Maybe you are tending to your small children and just don’t have the time to prepare your home for hospitality.

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