Matt Walsh: Your Husband Doesn’t Have To Earn Your Respect

I’ve discussed at length how men should treat women. I’ve written about the lessons I plan to teach my son; lessons about how he should love, honor, respect, serve, and protect the women in his life. Indeed, men need to respect women, and we, as men, are far from perfect in that regard. Those posts — the ones where I call on us men to improve the … Continue reading Matt Walsh: Your Husband Doesn’t Have To Earn Your Respect

From the Heart…the healing of my marriage

Only ten years ago I would have thought the magazine Crowned With Silver was “behind the time” and “too old-fashioned” for my tastes. Now, however, I find it a source of nurturing to my God-given feminine role as wife and mother!

When I married my husband 12 years ago, I had no idea what marriage was about. I didn’t know that you each came in with an individual role. I had absolutely no desire to have children, as that would ruin my figure too much. I contemplated divorce after only six months of marriage but knew that this was not God’s will for marriage. I even began to plan ways, in my head, of how I could divorce “biblically” so that I’d be free to remarry! What utter wickedness!! Every time I tried to devise a plan, the Holy Spirit would remind me of my wickedness and cause me to see how utterly unfaithful I was being to the man I vowed to stay married to no matter what.

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