Reexamining the Patriarchal Vision

By Israel Wayne 

I was recently approached by a mother at a homeschooling convention who heard me speak to the teens on the topic of “Waiting for True Love.” She brought her 11-yr-old daughter up to me and said, “Mr. Wayne, can you please tell my daughter why, when she turns 18, that she needs not to date guys and needs to allow her father and I to pick the person she marries?” I studied her face for a moment to see if she was serious. She was. I told her, “If you and your husband have cultivated an open relationship of trust and communication with your daughter, when she is 18, she will be knocking your door down (figuratively) to get your advice, wisdom, guidance, counsel and blessing regarding who she marries. If you have proven that you are trustworthy, have a good track record of making good and godly decisions, and she is fully convinced that you have her best interests at heart, you won’t be able to keep her away from seeking you out for wisdom, blessing and counsel. On the other hand, if all of that is not in place, then anything that you try to impose from the outside will only back-fire on you and cause even more bitterness, resentment and rejection.” Continue reading “Reexamining the Patriarchal Vision”

A Shift in the Homeschool Movement

I have had a unique viewpoint in the homeschooling movement since 1978 when my mother started homeschooling my sister and me. The modern-day Christian homeschooling movement began in 1983, so I’ve literally seen just about everything that has ever happened in this sub-culture (for better or worse!). In 1988, my mother began publishing the national magazine, Home School Digest, which is the nation’s longest-running Christian home … Continue reading A Shift in the Homeschool Movement

Israel Wayne on Grace for the Imperfect

This article is so very good. This article is for the doormat who lives in a shell in order to survive the belittling, abusive manipulation of a out of control man, who has criticism, condemnation,  and the perpetual pouring out of hopelessness wringing in her ears and yet she still wants to hope and looks for the horizon and the promised land. It’s for stay-at-home … Continue reading Israel Wayne on Grace for the Imperfect