Highlands Ministries: Don’t Be Too Nice

“It is right to be patient and kind, but Christian character has a firmness to it that does not meekly step aside when walking in the right. We must learn to live out biblical joy and love and submission within the context of a world packed with people who have, in many ways, set themselves up in opposition to their Creator. We need to learn … Continue reading Highlands Ministries: Don’t Be Too Nice

Be soft of voice…

The signature line I use on message boards or other ways to communicate on the internet is always the same: “Be soft of voice and gentle of bearing.” Somehow that sentence seems to resonate with people because people often ask me where it comes from.   It’s the beginning line of the following poem, which to me, describes so much of what I want to be as a woman:

Be soft of voice
and gentle of bearing
Be kind of heart
and tender of hands

Be bright as the morn
and still as the evening
Within you they’ll find
God’s love reborn.

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The Importance of Refinement

(See more about this painting here.)

Refinement is the quality of being careful of manners and speech around others at home, in the church or the community. If a person is refined, they will not blurt out just any rude thing to others, especially to their elders. The quality of refinement helps you emerge from tense times or grim jobs with some dignity, and makes life easier for others around you. Continue reading “The Importance of Refinement”