Answering The Miley Cyrus Generation

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Miley Cyrus is an icon of a soul that is a wasteland and she’s taking others down with her. The Dave Ryan Show reports that,

“Miley Cyrus’ controversial performance at the MTV Video Music Awards is now the most-tweeted moment of the year. Twitter announced on Monday that Miley and her provocative dancing with singer Robin Thicke set a record on the social networking site, garnering 306,000 tweets per minute. Four-point-five million tweets about Miley went out during the award show’s two-hour airtime.”

Her immorality and shamefulness seems to know no end perpetuating the idea that empowerment lies in unrestrained license and self destruction. You and I both know people we need to reach out to who are following her lead on the downward spiral. Just this morning I shared the gospel with a young lady who had never heard the message about godly purity, chastity and the sins of Miley Cyrus. She listened. She and seemed to be convicted. While I gave her the Word I also reached for some trusted resources, which I have listed below.

Here they are and a few more if you need to get your bearings and build a foundation. Use them to reach out to others as a doorway to spreading the gospel. We all have to play our part in affecting cultural morality.  Spread the word about modesty, femininity, and purity to a world that knows no shame and may have never heard a message otherwise.

The authors, editors, speakers and filmmakers have spent countless hours  and their own financial resources putting together these trusted tools. Buy them, use them, give them away.

Want to know what these authors, editors and filmmakers have to say about purity, chastity, sobriety, femininity, marriage and the like?

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(I probably don’t have to say this but or your soul’s sake, skip visiting Miley’s numerous twitter pages.) Continue reading “Answering The Miley Cyrus Generation”