The Flour is Almost Gone

The flour is almost gone, and I’m weary of pancakes.

Single-parent families are struggling in this economy just like our married friends. We will not tell you how bad it is, but this article is intended to give the Body a glimpse of what it is like in our homes. Please do not judge. We are up against odds that are often insurmountable. If we work inside or outside the home, there is never enough time, money, or energy to do what we need to do. Frequently our bills are late or do not get paid at all. We pray for our provisions and realize we are totally dependent upon God. Continue reading “The Flour is Almost Gone”

A Place in the Paradigm

Some time ago, a mutual friend shared with me some tragic news about a girl (I will call her Hannah) with whom I had been friends  but had lost track of in recent years as our paths had diverged. I knew Hannah to be a committed Christian. She had graduated from a prominent conservative Christian college, was extremely involved in her church, was passionate about evangelism and service to the poor, and was in an active Bible study with our mutual friend when she, Hannah, announced that she was expecting her boyfriend to propose within the month. What’s so tragic about that? you ask. What’s tragic is that Hannah, my Christ-loving sister, was planning to wed a non-believer. Continue reading “A Place in the Paradigm”

Mommy Likes Me Better: A Parable About Serving God in the Church

It seems to me that a lot of conservative Christian women these days are suffering from a lack of vision. For many of us, things have begun to improve, but there’s been a lot of poison in our perspectives–a feeling that if we couldn’t do what the men were doing, then maybe God had nothing for us to do; that maybe we’d been forgotten, left behind…like the pink tools on the workbench were second best, and the blue ones were getting all the use. In contemplating how this could have come about, I thought of the following story. Continue reading “Mommy Likes Me Better: A Parable About Serving God in the Church”

Pick a Little Talk a Little

"Three Gossips" Stretched Canvas Print

I am a huge fan of musicals.

Despite the fact that, on the whole, they have a reputation for being plotless movies dedicated solely to the brilliance of technicolor, the choreography, and, at times, the singing, that particular brand of film really appeals to me. In spite of their faults, my favorite actor is Gene Kelly, some of my favorite singers are Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra, and my favorite song is written by Alan and Marlyn Bergman. Typical, I know. Continue reading “Pick a Little Talk a Little”

A Ministry of Muffins

There is a homeless man who lives in our town… well, at least I think he’s homeless. Most people say that he is. Although someone told me he has an attic room somewhere on the east side of town, and that may be true. Someone else who knows someone who works in the bank says he has a fortune in a savings account, but that seems unlikely. Early in the mornings, he walks methodically up and down the streets, combing through the garbage and under hedges looking for empty bottles. Continue reading “A Ministry of Muffins”

Fine Linen and Purple: Sewing as a Ministry by Miss Rebecca Newton with Miss Rachel Franklin

Some Biblical characters are so vivid it seems I know them personally. Acts 9 records the miraculous resurrection of Dorcas, also known as Tabitha. Through her kindness, Dorcas endeared herself to the church in Joppa. Every time I read the passage, it jumps off the page at me! The kinship I feel with Dorcas is due to a calling we share: to minister by creating clothing for others.

Continue reading “Fine Linen and Purple: Sewing as a Ministry by Miss Rebecca Newton with Miss Rachel Franklin”