AV: NARAL Super Bowl Ad Rant Shows How Radical Abortionists Really Are

As several sites have reported now, abortion-rights radicals NARAL tweeted a rant during aDoritos Super Bowl ad. The objection demonstrates just how murderous the abortionists really are, and just how sensitive they are to the truth getting out to the public. Doritos aired a Super Bowl ad in which a dad is munching Doritos while his obviously preggo wifey is having an ultrasound. With every … Continue reading AV: NARAL Super Bowl Ad Rant Shows How Radical Abortionists Really Are

Taxpayer-funded Birth Control a Constitutional right?

We have posted many articles in past years about birth control, abortion, taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood, and related issues. The airwaves and the blogosphere have absolutely lit up over these issues in recent weeks due to the mandated coverage of chemical/hormonal birth control as “preventative medicine” in President Obama’s heavily promoted health care legislation. There are so many questions Americans have raised and should continue to raise as this issue is debated.

The most fundamental is perhaps the constitutional question of whether taxpayer-funded “healthcare” is a right guaranteed by the US Constitution. We would argue (as many others have very effectively done) that it absolutely is not. Bypassing this question, lawmakers have forged ahead with the assumption that the government has a role in providing health care access/coverage and that birth control falls under the umbrella of “preventative” health care. (Not for young readers.) Continue reading “Taxpayer-funded Birth Control a Constitutional right?”