The Elephant in Our Church Sanctuaries


[Editor’s Note: Originally republished here June 11, 2003, by Rev. Royal M. Hamel. © Beautiful Womanhood 2015]

George Orwell once wrote that he lived in an age when stating the obvious was the first duty of intelligent men. I believe that activists and lay people are rising up and carrying out prophetic work in the culture because pastors and priests by and large are not carrying out a prophetic calling in their pulpits. I speak as a former pastor and my critique includes my own years of pulpit ministry.Who will doubt, for instance, that we live in a sex-saturated society? Hollywood, TV, books, magazines, music videos, and advertising have been spewing out a gospel of unrestrained sexual indulgence for decades. Pre-marital sex has practically become the norm among adolescents, abortions have risen dramatically as a result, and homosexuality is not only tolerated, but is quickly becoming “normal” as an accepted cultural lifestyle. And now certain academics are beginning to defend the acceptability of inter-generational sex (pedophilia). And nobody questions that Christians, too, are influenced negatively by these immoral “norms”. Nevertheless, in the face of rampant anti-moral trends, it is my observation that pastors and priests, rarely, if ever touch on issues of sexual morality from the pulpit. Continue reading “The Elephant in Our Church Sanctuaries”