Desiring God: Romantic Love is a Wonderful gift and a Terrible God

  The lie says: If you find romantic love, then your life will be safe and fulfilling. So much so that marriage becomes a type of salvation, and romantic love takes on almost redemptive expectations. So what would you say to Christians, either singles or newlyweds, who are in danger of losing awe in God by becoming preoccupied with romantic love? The first thing I … Continue reading Desiring God: Romantic Love is a Wonderful gift and a Terrible God

To All The Christian Single Ladies Praying For Love This Year

A year has come to an end behind us and hopeful anticipation ushers in another. What will this year be filled with? Will this be my year for love, marriage, and long held hopes fulfilled? Or a repeat of last year. Doom. Banish the thought and ignore the anxiety, here I come 2014…

Sophia Lee at has written a piece that represents what many girls the world over have thought and experienced. She’s resisted the world’s ideas about love, she’s caved to the world’s ideas about love, found false promises leave us empty, and returned to God for that which only He can give. She writes, Continue reading “To All The Christian Single Ladies Praying For Love This Year”

The “I Wanna Be” Syndrome

“Everyone I know is getting married or engaged!”
“I sure wish I had a “SPECIAL” friendship like…”
“I am already 19 (or 22 or 35) and I don’t even have a serious boyfriend or suitor!”
“I thought for SURE I’d be married right after graduating High School!”
“Maybe I should try E-Harmony or something so I can figure out where my friends are finding all these spouses!”

Dear Sisters in Christ,

Each spring and summer season seems to bring a bevy of engagements and weddings among our friends and acquaintances. While we rejoice with our friends we can find ourselves growing discouraged and discontented. Some of us may even be tempted to ditch the “wait-upon-the-Lord” program in favor of some “Instant Fix” sales pitch. I am deeply concerned by the prevalent: “Woe is me, I’m not married and I better do something about it!” attitude among Christian young ladies. When we respond in this way we are demonstrating that our hearts are discontented with God’s sovereign will and purpose for our lives! The purpose of this note is to encourage the unmarried woman to wait patiently on her God, with contentment and joy. “For godliness with contentment is great gain…” (1 Timothy 6:6) Continue reading “The “I Wanna Be” Syndrome”