FEE: How the Market Is Already Repealing Obamacare

There’s a common misconception that if you’re opposed to government services, programs and/or departments, then you’re opposed to building roads, education, people getting affordable health care and even people taking care of the sick and elderly. These misconceptions are becoming more apparent as the free market offers solutions and options using innovation and technology, as the government continues to fall in on itself.

Six months into the pregnancy, we received a letter explaining that due to the changes in the law, our policy would no longer cover maternity services. 

I continue to be amazed at the ingenuity of people and individuals working toward solutions in the marketplace, in spite of government. Over time government has assumed more and more control over medical decisions that individuals make everyday.  Continue reading “FEE: How the Market Is Already Repealing Obamacare”

How These Religious People Found a Way to Opt Out of Obamacare

James Lansberry didn’t blink an eye when the Supreme Court handed down its Hobby Lobby decision last month. The vice president of Samaritan Ministries, which provides health coverage for more than 37,000 families nationwide, said even though his organization applauds the decision, “it doesn’t have any effect on us.” Samaritan Ministries, and other health sharing groups like it, cater to a small-but-growing group of Americans … Continue reading How These Religious People Found a Way to Opt Out of Obamacare

Samaritan Ministries Milestone

We thank God for His provision and ask for His continued guidance as we share each other’s health care burdens. Thanks to all of our members for your support! Christian health-sharing organization Samaritan Ministries, a sponsor of Wait Till It’s Free, recently hit a new milestone in membership: 30,000 households,  representing more than 100,000 people!. Congrats to them and may God continue to bless their work! Sign … Continue reading Samaritan Ministries Milestone