How should Christian women respond when great men fall?

My heart absolutely sank. It’s not true.  I don’t believe it.   Those were the words that raced through my mind when I read about the recent, alleged sex scandals of two of the homeschooling movement’s most prominent men.  These stories have shocked and disappointed thousands of Christian families, including mine. This article isn’t about these men or their alleged sins. What I want to … Continue reading How should Christian women respond when great men fall?

What to do with Scandals

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A few people have written to LAF editors in recent weeks, asking how we’re doing and cautioning us as we carry on promoting a biblical understanding of womanhood, family, sexuality, etc. With abuse and adultery scandals making news in the past few months, many feel offended, disconcerted, confused and uncertain about where they stand or how they should react. We’ve been deceived, and now we wonder to what degree we have been misled? How much of what we believed is a lie? It can be discouraging. A breach of trust is angering. It is disorienting. We start asking, “Is what the world has to offer better than what’s going on in the church these days?” But now is not a time to be reactionary.

Disorientation and misinformation can lead us to the danger of many temptations. There is a temptation to exaggerate the offense, whether we’re involved or not. There is the temptation to gossip. There is the temptation to slander the body of Christ as a whole. There is the temptation for the unbeliever to blaspheme God’s name. There is the temptation to withdraw and protect ourselves from outsiders. There is the temptation to exaggerate claims for attention’s sake. There is even the temptation to damage the reputations of people who had nothing to do with the immediate scandals by painting them with a broad brush to include them in the blame. This all creates emotional upheaval, much turmoil, uncertainty and a great need for direction.

Scripture is, as always, the best Source for clear direction.One place we will find it is in Matthew 13:24-30 in the parable of the wheat and tares, because we are asking the same questions as the servant asked when he found the field of wheat to be filled with weeds. “How did this happen, and what do we do now?” Continue reading “What to do with Scandals”