Lies vs. Truth – Spiritual Preparation for Birth

I thought we were very prepared for the birth of our first child. I paid close attention to what I ate, I exercised up to the morning I went into labor and took natural childbirth classes. We were educated and prepared mentally and physically. Sadly, I had not given a single thought to the spiritual aspect of labor. When I got into active labor, fear … Continue reading Lies vs. Truth – Spiritual Preparation for Birth

Strength in Weakness


Excerpt from Queen of the Home:

As you begin to grasp just how vitally important your role as the queen of your home is, it is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. Building a nation, raising an army, training, guiding, guarding, loving, helping and nurturing—as well as changing diapers, washing dishes, wiping cute little noses, doing laundry and tending to a mind boggling array of other duties around the clock—is a tall order to fulfill. Isn’t this all just a bit too much to put on one person? Is it even possible to attain to all these high and lofty ideals? What if we have no idea how to begin?

Take heart! This is where we must remember that we cannot depend on our own strength to do this great work. We are weak, we grow weary, we are sinful, we get tired of laying down our lives for others (we just want to lay down and take a nap), and we can easily lose our vision (it got buried under all those piles of laundry). When discouragement begins to creep in and you feel like throwing in the towel (or, in this case, the crown) consider just a few of God’s beautiful and sure promises: Continue reading “Strength in Weakness”

How to Soak the Next Generation in God’s Word

By Jani Ortland with comments by Scott Brown. Here is a wonderful article by Jani Ortlund on what the most important parental priority is.  She says, “Let’s become women who value and pass on God’s Word! How do we help children revere and feast on the most influential book of all time? No book has sold more copies, in more languages—ever. No book has affected the world more deeply. … Continue reading How to Soak the Next Generation in God’s Word

Nudity and the Christian Worldview

From an excellent piece by Robin Phillips: Given the premium the Bible places on modesty, one would expect Christians to reject public displays of nudity on television. Sadly, however, millions of Christians have come to treat sex scenes as a normal and accepted part of their viewing habits, especially if it is only one scene in an otherwise good movie. They will often justify watching … Continue reading Nudity and the Christian Worldview

From My Heart to Yours–The Lord Has Taken Away

From Families Alive comes this heart-wrenching but beautiful post: Susan…accident…waterfall…fatal. The words hit like a ton of bricks. Tears streaming down my face. Kids questioning, “Mom, what’s wrong?” My heart screamed, No, God – this can’t be right! There must be some mistake! There was no mistake. That family vacationing in Maui went from celebrating the joys of life on Friday to experiencing the deepest … Continue reading From My Heart to Yours–The Lord Has Taken Away

If I Could Only Be Like Her

This is a wonderful post I just discovered this evening: We all know her. She is the woman who has it all together. She has the love of 1 Corinthians 13 down pat and she never falters. She always smiles at her husband and is his constant encouragement. She is gentle and kind and practices unwavering patience with her children. And when difficult times come? … Continue reading If I Could Only Be Like Her

“Women, Stop Submitting to Men”

This is an excellent piece that digs down to the fundamentals. We get a lot of funny comments from readers who think we believe women are inferior, must kowtow to all men, should remain uneducated, etc., etc., ad nauseum. Here’s the plain truth, demonstrating that the shoe is (sadly) on the other foot in our modern culture. Those of us who hold to so-called “traditional … Continue reading “Women, Stop Submitting to Men”

Where Are The Titus 2 Women?

A great piece from the Joy-Filled Days blog: Last night I spoke to a sweet group of home schooling moms about the topic of Keeping Your Devotional Life Devotional. I was so encouraged by their desire to teach their children God’s word. We sat and chatted afterwards and as we spoke, the “topic” came up. Titus 2 mentoring. These young women are raising families and … Continue reading Where Are The Titus 2 Women?

10 Reasons Why the New NIV is Bad for Women

From Mary Kassian: The new gender-inclusive NIV was published earlier this year. It contains thousands of changes to the Bible’s male-gendered language. Having a gender-inclusive Bible appears to be the latest trend amongst cutting-edge, cappuccino-slurping Christian hipsters. Don’t get me wrong. I like to be hip. And I enjoy cappuccino as much as the next person. But my biggest beef with gender-inclusive Bibles is that … Continue reading 10 Reasons Why the New NIV is Bad for Women