Nudity and the Christian Worldview

From an excellent piece by Robin Phillips: Given the premium the Bible places on modesty, one would expect Christians to reject public displays of nudity on television. Sadly, however, millions of Christians have come to treat sex scenes as a normal and accepted part of their viewing habits, especially if it is only one scene in an otherwise good movie. They will often justify watching … Continue reading Nudity and the Christian Worldview

Abstinence: A Topic Too Often Avoided

From a letter to the editor of the Wall Street Journal: Spare us the statistics about fewer teen pregnancies and sexually-transmitted-disease rates falling with increased sex education. Abortion-on-demand and widespread birth control may affect the number of teen pregnancies, but they are not doing a lot for our children’s self-confidence, modesty or mutual respect. Are we so obtuse that we don’t see the pain and … Continue reading Abstinence: A Topic Too Often Avoided

Kids want to hear about life and love from parents

Another great piece from Carolyn Moynihan at Mercatornet: It is complusory for New Zealand schools to provide sex education, but the programme is up to each school and is supposed to be worked out in consultation with the parent community. Parents can withdraw their children from classes. However, it is clear that parents do not know the half of what is presented in some programmes. … Continue reading Kids want to hear about life and love from parents

Smoke and mirrors

This piece from Aussie writer Bernard Toutounji at Mercatornet is spot on: Why do governments want us to believe that smoking cannot be safe but promiscuous sex can?… I have never smoked, have never had any desire to smoke and nothing frustrates me more than walking down the street and breathing in the secondhand smoke of the person puffing away in front of me, but … Continue reading Smoke and mirrors

Lack of parenting to blame for teen moms

This is a cogent letter to the editor that states what should be so obvious: throwing contraceptives and sex ed. at the out-of-wedlock birth problem is not and never has been the answer: During my 40 years in health care, I have provided care to thousands of women, the majority of which have been teens. We in health care are always discussing teen pregnancies and … Continue reading Lack of parenting to blame for teen moms

Birth control for kids

From a South African paper: Pupils as young as 10 years old were given contraceptive injections without parental consent at an Eastern Cape primary school last week. Girls in Grades 6 and 7 at the Emzoncane Primary School in Zwide, Port Elizabeth, said they were given the injections after a talk by members of the Dora Nginza Hospital’s family planning unit. They were mostly aged … Continue reading Birth control for kids

Zimbabwe’s “Surprising” AIDS success

The AIDS rate here in Africa far outstrips that of any other continent with infection rates in countries like Botswana and Lesotho approaching 24%. Zimbabwe’s rate was 29% in 1997–that’s almost a third of the population infected with HIV or full-blown AIDS. Within ten years, it had tumbled to 16%…and no thanks to western-style “solutions” that have been touted for years as the only way to deal with AIDS.

[Click below for the full report — not for young readers.]

Continue reading “Zimbabwe’s “Surprising” AIDS success”

“Not under my roof”

From Carolyn Moynihan over at Mercatornet: A professor of sociology wrote a week or so ago in the New York Times that American family life might be much improved if parents in the US were more like those in the Netherlands who — typically, it is implied — allow their teenage daughters to have their boyfriends sleep over in the family home, or sons to … Continue reading “Not under my roof”