Is Stay-At-Home Daughterhood Biblical?

Nhoj Leunamme Jhon Emmanuel Compfight CC
Nhoj Leunamme Jhon Emmanuel Compfight CC

It’s now a little over three years since I realised, much to my surprise, that the Lord was calling me to a productive life as a daughter at home.

It was a bandwagon I’d never planned on joining. I was headed for a legal career, but then, over a period of six months, my future melted away leaving me to ponder how little I had really wanted a career. I’d chosen law, not because I had any particular vision for taking dominion in that way, but because it seemed the most useful way to mark time until marriage.

Slowly I became convinced that being at home was a better option for me, one that meshed more closely with my identity as a homeschool graduate whose highest ambition was to be a wife and mother one day. There were a number of reasons. For just one, why should I dedicate so much effort to building a career I intended to drop like a hot scone when Mr Right appeared? Continue reading “Is Stay-At-Home Daughterhood Biblical?”

“Stay-At-Home” Daughter Interview

In days gone by it was the custom for young ladies to be at home until they were able to marry. At home daughters could be protected and provided for, but these days this is all passe; young women are not considered “productive members of society” unless they are out on their own and asserting themselves. While it is true we don’t want to encourage … Continue reading “Stay-At-Home” Daughter Interview