This is an Endorsement for Life

Often times the argument is raised that a young unwed mother is ill equipped for raising a child. Throw in the crippling trauma of being victimized by rape and it seems inevitable most will reach the emotional conclusion that what is necessary is to end the child’s life before it stares face to face with it’s mother reminding her of the crime or becomes a burden on society as an ill equipped young mother will not be able to provide the means to bring the child into adulthood well adjusted and mature.

It is a wonder that any of us can believe that realities are numerous. Circumstances surely are and God accounts for that but there is one reality within which we all live and part of that is we all have been given the opportunity to make something of ourselves. We all have obstacles and trials of varying degrees, and with them the desire to pursue happiness. We were granted life and the liberty to do so by our Creator who rules and reigns over all even those with ill conceived notions that some should not be allowed what God has given all of mankind because they live outside the circumstances many of us are acquainted with. As if it were some alternative Godless reality they live in. Anyone who believes that what is best for society is that the fortunate should live and the unfortunate should not should hear the story of newly crowned Miss Pennsylvania. By the world’s standards she is everything they say is most unlikely.  Continue reading “This is an Endorsement for Life”