ERLC: Is it Abuse?

When we encounter abuse and grapple with the evil it perpetrates, many people often wonder, “Why doesn’t she just leave?” Sometimes the question comes with the judgment “It’s her fault if she doesn’t” The question is better framed as “Why is she choosing to stay?” There are 4 reasons why I have seen women remain in abusive marriages. As we consider each, I will suggest … Continue reading ERLC: Is it Abuse?

AV: The most important election of our lifetimes

I write this little exposé because after yesterday’s article, some people reacted with abject panic: “then what do we do! One of these two is going to end up in the White House! SCOTUS justices are at stake! Hillary hates America! But Trump’s so bad! What do we do! This could be the most important election ever!” This panic suggests these readers have little sense … Continue reading AV: The most important election of our lifetimes

Download $100 Worth of Audios For Free from Western Conservatory!

Kick-start the New Year by loading up on great new listening material — for free! This Thursday, January 1st, download up to $100 worth of MP3 messages that will help you and your family be more purposeful, more fruitful, more faithful and more united this next year than ever before. Browse our most popular messages, such as “How to Practice Biblical Discipline,” “Developing Your Gifts … Continue reading Download $100 Worth of Audios For Free from Western Conservatory!

Hope for the Proverbs 31 Business Woman

Support Glory of Africa

There is a lot of concern about the future in American, especially for the sake of future generations. For all the difficulties our culture presents us it seems impossible to fathom accomplishing all that goes into building a solid viable family structure that will allow us to influence and disciple the next generation as well as our communities and as far as our influence will reach.

How it possible to shift from utilizing government schools to home education? How is it possible for mothers to be free to come home and start building a unified and solid family-centered economy? These are questions that have been asked again and again. And here we have the very example of how all of this is accomplished coming to us all the way from Africa.

For the most part the answer is “It happens a little bit at a time.” Our spare hours become some of the most important. Being in community where families can disciple one another is important. Encouraging one another in the love and faithfulness to Christ, is as important as is our experience, our wisdom, our vision, and our practical skills. A love for learning will open vistas to us which we had not seen before. The beginning and the end of this journey will be bookended in hope. Hope to set out, leaving our comfort zone, trying something new, learning what and who to trust, and rounding out our understanding of where provision truly comes from. And the ending will be our glory story filled with greater hope as a reward for faithfulness, enjoying renewed strength, greater confidence, higher aptitudes, wiser perspectives, and vision for a future filled and fueled by hope. Continue reading “Hope for the Proverbs 31 Business Woman”

THANK YOU! The Morning Center won!

From The Morning Center’s blog: It’s amazing the difference one person can make. Let me back up. The Morning Center just won a $50,000 grant from Cultivate Wines.  This particular grant is won by gathering a tribe to vote daily at the Cultivate Wines website.  Every person over 21 can vote once per day, and the total number of votes at the end determines the winners.  … Continue reading THANK YOU! The Morning Center won!

Last day to vote for the Morning Center!

UPDATED 10/31/2012: Please vote today! From Kim Coghlan over at Life in a Shoe: Most pro-life people don’t often have an opportunity to put real legs to their pro-life commitments just by sitting at the computer, but for the next few days you can do something with Facebook and with your computer that is a real and tangible way to advance the pro-life cause.  The … Continue reading Last day to vote for the Morning Center!

My Father’s Story: How a Small Kindness Can Make a Lifelong Impact

Michelle Duggar has a great post up over at Parentables: There are a lot of reasons why serving the community is important to me, but one of them has to do with my father. His father died when he was 4 years old and my father’s mother had four babies all under the age of 5, all born pretty close together. And this was when … Continue reading My Father’s Story: How a Small Kindness Can Make a Lifelong Impact

Sewing Love: The Full Report!

I’ve just gotten the photos from our friend in Alabama who helped pull off this huge surprise for the Crawford and Lee ladies–the families who lost everything in the tornadoes that tore through Alabama in April. Once again, a huge, huge thank-you to everyone who sent physical donations. Such an abundance of sewing notions, fabrics, patterns, and gift cards came in! And thank you to all who donated to the fund-raiser to help rebuild the sewing rooms for these dear ladies. Thanks to BabyLock and Rita Farro of The Sewing Expo for the donation of the beautiful new sewing machines, and a huge debt of thanks is owed to Catherine and Shawn of The Sewing Machine Mart in Birmingham, who stored all the donations and coordinated the big unveiling. Thanks much to LAF writer Diane Shiffer, who organized and cataloged all the donations for the two families. This was definitely a group effort, and we are so thankful to everyone who took part.

Read on for the full details of this sweet day! Continue reading “Sewing Love: The Full Report!”