A Beautiful Woman: The Life and Legacy of Lenora Hammond

My first words to her were: “Miss Bathman, I presume? No time for formalities, we have a Missions Conference to attend and a display to set up.” I noticed that Lenora was impeccably dressed and had a carpet fabric handbag.​We spent the next 12 hours in constant conversation and by the time I delivered her to her hosts for the night, the house was ominously pitch … Continue reading A Beautiful Woman: The Life and Legacy of Lenora Hammond

Flanders: Don’t Waste Your Girl Power

We hear a lot about female empowerment these days…but how should we define it? What does an empowered woman really look like? Is she wealthy? Is she world-famous? Does she radiate prestige? Does she command the respect of her peers? Does she carry political clout? Is she her own woman? Completely autonomous? Answers to no one? Is girl power something she wears like a badge? Or wields like a … Continue reading Flanders: Don’t Waste Your Girl Power

Desiring God: In Awe of her God

Joni’s Fifty Years of Counting Quadriplegia Joy This weekend marks fifty years since the diving accident that left Joni Eareckson Tada with quadriplegia. Fifty years of relying on others to meet her physical needs. Fifty years of pressing on in the midst of weakness, fatigue, and pain. Fifty years of trusting God to provide. Read the rest here Continue reading Desiring God: In Awe of her God

Family Matters: Our best lessons are taught by example

The lack of a good example leaves a gaping hole in many folks’ understanding of what, exactly, constitutes a good marriage. At the same time, society has tossed out any kind of Biblical standard as to how husband/wife relationships were designed to work, so now we have the blind leading the blind. Even more alarming, the blind have started calling good evil and evil good. … Continue reading Family Matters: Our best lessons are taught by example

Warhorn Media – When Bitterness Accompanies Infertility

I can’t tell you how often I am comforted by the stories of women in the bible who also struggled with infertility. I’m comforted by them because when I look at Hannah who was mistaken as a drunkard in her pleading to God for a child, I feel less crazy for feeling so sad. I’m comforted by Sarah who spent her young married life all … Continue reading Warhorn Media – When Bitterness Accompanies Infertility

Martin & Katie Luther’s Scandalous Marriage

“As soon as this former monk married a former nun, people took interest,” says Gabriele Jancke, a historian at Freie University in Berlin. “The moment someone left the cloister, they destroyed themselves, from the Catholic point of view. It was as bad as being divorced.” As Luther’s intellectual fame grew, some of his allies, uncomfortable with his wife’s outsize presence, referred to her as “Doctorissa” in … Continue reading Martin & Katie Luther’s Scandalous Marriage

Marie Dentiere—The Woman on the Reformation Wall

By MHM55 CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Guest Contributor, Annie Leavitt.

There is one woman’s name on the famous Reformation Wall in Geneva. She is Marie Dentiere, and she has become a somewhat controversial figure in the story of the reformation. Some have labeled her an early feminist and suggest she was a nuisance to Calvin. Others see a bold and passionate woman who used the means available to her to spread the gospel, and who ended up writing the preface to one of Calvin’s books as a result.

Marie was a French noblewoman who joined an Augustinian convent in her mid-twenties. In the convent she studied some of Luther’s writings, and as a result, left the convent within three years of her arrival. Soon after, Marie met and married another monastical escapee, Simon Robert, who was active in the reformation movement. Together they moved on a pastoral assignment to Valais, where William Farel was a missionary at the time. This was the first time a married couple, not just a solo pastor, had accepted a pastoral assignment for the French reformed church, and people began to take notice of Marie’s active involvement in many aspects of the ministry. She learned Hebrew and Latin, and helped her husband translate a Bible. She also accompanied her husband on many of his evangelistic trips. Eventually, her husband, Simon, died. She married her husband’s good friend, Antoine Froment, and together they moved to Geneva. Continue reading “Marie Dentiere—The Woman on the Reformation Wall”