A Beautiful Woman: The Life and Legacy of Lenora Hammond

My first words to her were: “Miss Bathman, I presume? No time for formalities, we have a Missions Conference to attend and a display to set up.” I noticed that Lenora was impeccably dressed and had a carpet fabric handbag.​We spent the next 12 hours in constant conversation and by the time I delivered her to her hosts for the night, the house was ominously pitch … Continue reading A Beautiful Woman: The Life and Legacy of Lenora Hammond

Emotional Maturity as a Young Woman with an Unbelieving Family

Qsimple, Memories For The Future Photography, Compfight, CC
Qsimple, Memories For The Future Photography, Compfight, CC

By Mrs. S. B. H. E., Originally published here, Aug. 8, 2005

Purity is a concept that is intriguingly beautiful. When thinking of purity, a pure, white lamb comes to mind–one with no blemishes, flecks of dirt, or streaks of mud. While this concept so readily comes to mind, it does not as readily spring out of one’s life. We are sinners, and, unless we are saved by Grace, we have no hope for righteous living (I John 1:9).

As a child, I became a Christian in a non-Christian home. While turning to the homes of Christian friends for brief respites, I struggled with the reality of my own home. I had a heart for living a pure life, and when I watched “The Waltons” or “Little House on the Prairie,” my heart ached for a “Pa” to sing hymns with after he read the Bible to our family. But, no, the only Bible in our home was a large leather-bound tome that sat primly on the coffee table and was never opened.

From the age of eleven, I navigated the waters of faith independently. It was natural to me to call a friend for a ride to church. I read my Bible with my door shut, hiding it after finishing to avoid teasing from my siblings (some of whom are now Christians!). But as closely as I guarded my spiritual life, there is one truth which I did not know or comprehend. I did not understand the iron-clad link between my spiritual life and my emotional life. I did not understand the need for purity emotionally in order to protect my walk with God. Continue reading “Emotional Maturity as a Young Woman with an Unbelieving Family”

Holmes: How to Handle Your Spouse’s Sexual Past

Long before I was even considering marriage, a Titus 2 woman shared with me the pain of confessing her sexual history to her future husband. “It was hard,” she told me. “We both cried. We both repented. It made us a stronger couple.” I remember being grateful for her openness with me, but also feeling that her story didn’t really apply to me. My romantic … Continue reading Holmes: How to Handle Your Spouse’s Sexual Past

My Barrenness Experience

candrews Compfight CC
candrews Compfight CC

By Aime Ladd, Originally published here May 7, 2005

Many of the recent articles on barrenness have inspired me to share the story of my salvation, my empty womb, and the wonderful plan God had for my life.

When my husband, Bryan, and I met, fell in love, and married, we were not Christians. We had not been raised in Christian homes, and the home we made was not honoring to Christ. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning.

Bryan and I wed on April 16, 1994; two weeks later my mother was diagnosed with cancer. Within the first two years of our marriage, my mom had an affair, my parents divorced (per mom’s request), my dad started dating a horrible woman, my dad had open-heart surgery, my mother remarried and then died of cancer at 42 years old.

As you can imagine, this was extremely difficult to take, however, the Lord used it in a positive way. It got my attention, and I began to cry out to Him and acknowledge His existence. He was faithful through all of the drama and trauma and kept our marriage together.

Bryan and I began to attend church and accepted Jesus (although we were not walking the talk). I went to a Christian counselor to work out all my feelings. We had been trying to conceive during those years to no avail, but figured all the stress had prevented it. During the next couple of years, I attended at least 40 baby showers, and our focus was on our barrenness. I felt so angry and resentful every Mother’s Day. Not only was I not a mother, but I had no mother. Continue reading “My Barrenness Experience”

Femina Girls: Tell Your Story

With each new video of the Planned Parenthood atrocities, though I find myself stricken speechless, I thank God that I have a greater sense of the tremendous guilt that rests on this country. The blood guilt stretches from sea to shining sea. And I wonder about all those millions of individuals who are living under this load of personal guilt. You know, they are everywhere. … Continue reading Femina Girls: Tell Your Story

What Abortionists Won’t Tell You

Kyrre Gjerstad CC

By Glenys Robyn Hicks, Originally published here April 24, 2008

With a trembling hand, I raised the stick of the pregnancy test and read the results. Positive. A new life was growing in the young womb–a life that only I seemed to want. Seeing my eyes grow moist, she knew the result without being told. She hung her head in silence. Putting my arm around her, I asked simply, “What are you going to do?” I knew the answer already, but I prayed for a change of heart. She was going to abort the 10-week-old growing baby. Continue reading “What Abortionists Won’t Tell You”

Rosaria Butterfield on Repentance and Renewal

Foreseeing the ruling by SCOTUS, God raised up for His glory and for the well being of the body of Christ, Rosaria Butterfield, a fascinating and intelligent woman but most importantly a woman saved and transformed by the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ. Rosaria unashamedly meets the apologetic of the homosexual agenda with truth and biblical wisdom. She is studied and careful and she is defeating what she once called wisdom, as a homosexual, feminist, liberal college professor educating students to follow the designs of Marxism.
Continue reading “Rosaria Butterfield on Repentance and Renewal”

What Gay Parenthood Meant For Me As A Child

jdbradway Compfight CC
jdbradway Compfight CC

[Editor’s Note: Originally published here March 5, 2004, by Mrs. Ruth Reed, © Beautiful Womanhood 2015]

The recent pull for legislation regarding gay marriages and the arguments over the fitness of gays as parents has led me to look back at my own childhood and the time I spent parented by a woman who now lives openly as a lesbian.

She and my father began dating when I was six and soon after were married. Though I hardly knew her, I was expected to treat her as a mother figure. She was unlike any woman I had met before. She was loud, crass, and very manly in dress and manner. She smoked and used vulgar language, and she constantly made sexual overtures to those around her, male and female, even in the presence of my father. She considered herself to be saucy and sassy, and she considered feminine women to be ridiculous and weak. Her marriage to my father marked the end of our attendance at church, though we had never missed a Sunday before she came along. My father remained married to her for several years after I moved away to live with my biological mother. Then, to the surprise of very few, she left him for another woman and has been having relations with one woman after another ever since. Continue reading “What Gay Parenthood Meant For Me As A Child”

A Tribute To Mothers by Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White



I read your website regularly and want to thank you for the encouraging blog posts and articles you feature!

I also want to thank you for helping us out by posting our Kickstarter campaign for my second Christian children’s book, I Know You Love Me, Mommy and Daddy! It got funded and we look forward to printing the hardcover books by June, Lord willing.

I am writing to share with you a beautiful blog post my husband, Tim, wrote for today about mothers especially those whose investment is increased exponentially by a mother’s care and teaching in the home.

I thought it was very similar to the articles you promote and that it may bless other women by it. 🙂

For His glory,
Franicia White

A Tribute To Mothers, 
By Tim White

Thank you for your service!
It is not unusual for complete strangers to come up to me and thank me for my service to our great nation. It is a great honor to be thanked like that — it never gets old! My reply is often, “It’s my privilege,” but, in my mind, I’m thinking, “Franicia makes and has made the bigger sacrifice — she should be thanked!” Continue reading “A Tribute To Mothers by Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White”