The Restraints of Sexual Freedom and the Battle for Free Speech

“Restraints” of “Freedom?” Yes, indeed. We’ve argued this many times, and it is refreshing to see the same lines of logic in this piece. One person’s “freedom” very often results in the oppression or harm of other people. The rise of feminism, the Pill, and other contraceptive forms coincided with a new era of sexuality, one that promised freedom. Decades later, campus climate reports, media … Continue reading The Restraints of Sexual Freedom and the Battle for Free Speech

Smoke and mirrors

This piece from Aussie writer Bernard Toutounji at Mercatornet is spot on: Why do governments want us to believe that smoking cannot be safe but promiscuous sex can?… I have never smoked, have never had any desire to smoke and nothing frustrates me more than walking down the street and breathing in the secondhand smoke of the person puffing away in front of me, but … Continue reading Smoke and mirrors

Lack of parenting to blame for teen moms

This is a cogent letter to the editor that states what should be so obvious: throwing contraceptives and sex ed. at the out-of-wedlock birth problem is not and never has been the answer: During my 40 years in health care, I have provided care to thousands of women, the majority of which have been teens. We in health care are always discussing teen pregnancies and … Continue reading Lack of parenting to blame for teen moms

Rethinking feminism

Students in women’s studies courses throughout the United States hear stories of “girl-meets-birth-control” or awakening the inner feminine mystique. But I’ve learned something else in my history class at a Christian college. We were reading a speech Adlai Stevenson gave at Smith College’s 1955 commencement. Stevenson, the Democratic presidential candidate in 1952 and 1956 (losing both times to Republican Dwight Eisenhower) was a Unitarian Universalist, … Continue reading Rethinking feminism

“Not under my roof”

From Carolyn Moynihan over at Mercatornet: A professor of sociology wrote a week or so ago in the New York Times that American family life might be much improved if parents in the US were more like those in the Netherlands who — typically, it is implied — allow their teenage daughters to have their boyfriends sleep over in the family home, or sons to … Continue reading “Not under my roof”

UN Women Advances Radical Agenda at U.S. Universities

UN Women, an agency of the United Nations created last year to promote the advancement of women, has spent the year hard at work getting schools in the United States on board with programs that fail to make progress against serious mistreatment of women but instead focus on a liberal social agenda.  They advocate not economic empowerment, but sexual “rights,” including prostitution, abortion and the … Continue reading UN Women Advances Radical Agenda at U.S. Universities

The college rip-off

From the NY Post yesterday: Amid all the uplifting clichés at their commencement ceremonies, graduating col lege students won’t hear a line applicable to some of them — you got ripped off. Student debt just surpassed the country’s credit-card debt for the first time. It is projected to top $1 trillion this year, according to The New York Times, when it was less than $200 … Continue reading The college rip-off

When an Oasis is Really a Mirage

An excellent piece from The Center for Women of Faith in Culture highlights why there can be no neutrality when it comes to discipleship: Women need to hear from other women. This is a truth impressed upon us through stories in scripture about women like Ruth & Naomi and Mary & Martha. In scripture, we see that women are called to teach and influence other … Continue reading When an Oasis is Really a Mirage

Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty of Life!

From Kathy Brodock of Teaching Good Things: Before we had kids I was an expert on children! Yep…it’s true! THEN God gave me some and I repent and confess I know very little! I think part of my ignorance was because I had two siblings growing up and I was at a baby sitter or at school for the majority of my childhood. Both my … Continue reading Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty of Life!