How do we love thee? Let me count some ways…

And here’s a superb follow-up to Dennis Prager’s piece — this from Femina:

I have always found it remarkable that sometimes people think that being a homemaker is a somehow limiting occupation. Like there isn’t enough to do. Before I go on to some specific ideas, I’d like to just say a little something about this. I am fairly certain that if you gave yourself five minutes, some scratch paper and a pencil, you could come up with a list of at least thirty widely respected careers that could fall under the heading of homemaking. What I mean is that if you are a homemaker, it isn’t like there isn’t any scope. A homemaker needs to be a great many things on a shallow level, but if she wants to get deep in some area or another, that simply adds richness to the home. It adds life. It adds love. Think of a few ideas here with me. Interior design, Cooking, Baking , Pastry Chef, Landscape Architecture, Musician, Artist, Event Coordinating, Educator, Accountant, Tailor, Farmer. A woman at home can dabble in almost anything – not wasting her time, but learning her craft.

Read the full piece HERE. I absolutely relish being at home and “dabbling in almost anything” — so much scope for the imagination and ample time and space to develop talents and enjoy the talents being developed in the children. Never a dull moment!

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