Making Money From Home: Following the Proverbs 31 Model

One of the great misconceptions about stay-at-home women is that they are inhibited or enslaved by their home. Realistically, nothing could be farther from the truth.

Instead, being home gives women the freedom to exercise their diverse set of gifts and opportunities, orchestrating them to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of their families.

When I worked outside the home, I was in bondage to someone else’s schedule, and the requirements of my boss. I had no free time to do the things I loved or to exercise any creativity.

Once the Lord called me home, one of the blessings was a new freedom to be able to use my gifts and bents to help my husband and our family.

I now am able to focus on my primary profession of home and still do things I love and make money at it too…much like we read the Proverbs 31 woman doing. This is the freedom the feminists don’t want to acknowledge.

Living on one income, especially in a shaky economy as ours, may prompt you to think about earning money from home. Although there are a myriad of ways to do that, and each wife and husband would be wise to assess her gifts and the season of their family, I love to share with women my personal testimony hoping to inspire and encourage ideas.

When we were neck-deep in debt my fear drove me to try to help with a solution. It started as I tried to save money one year buying Christmas gifts. I decided to make homemade skin products for all the women on my list. But as I made them I got excited about doing it. I thought, “hey, I could sell these!” So I scraped a few hundred dollars together and bought my first supplies, researched a bit about packaging and customer service tips and decided on “Nurtured by Nature” for a name.

It was a decent start, but I really didn’t have a platform for selling them. That’s when my brother suggested I started a blog. I loved to write anyway and was longing for a place to vent my passions and encourage other mothers and wives, so it was an obvious step. I began “The Birth Control Debate”, which later became “Generation Cedar” and it was the beginning of many wonderful things as well as fantastic friendships.

I now “outsource” the skin product making and just manage the marketing end. I also wrote an ebook for others who are interested in starting their own skin product business.

As the blog grew, I found there was an interest in ebooks, so I sell those from my blog, as well as advertising and occasional affiliate products.

I also, after receiving many requests about setting up a blog, created a membership website with lots of information on how to make money blogging. There is risk-free two-week trial and readers tell me it has been a tremendous source of help to them.

These are just a few ideas of how women can make money from home. With the Internet providing a “world-wide” market, there are possibilities now that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago.

Praise God for His design, allowing us to embrace our calling and giving us the added “layer” of financial help meet to our husbands and families!



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