Quirks of the Fairer Sex Which Ought Not be So

My Dear Sisters,

My friend, Bria, has very kindly given me the opportunity to write several things to my sisters in Christ. I’m going to take this opportunity to affirm some things she’s written, as well as submit several more points for your consideration.

It is my prayer that you will hear me speak as a brother, who cares about your well-being in Christ, not as some guy who wants to prove that he’s right and you’re wrong.

1. Bria quotes the Botkin sisters as writing,

“Young men have told us time and time again: Girls really are the ones who set the tone for the interaction. Young men tend to unconsciously defer to what the young lady seems comfortable with”.

This is very, very true. I have experienced it time and again: whether it ought to be this way or not, you young ladies “will” have a great impact on the level of our communication. If you are foolish and silly, we will be that way as well when around you. If you are mature and responsible with your speech, we’ll mirror that. As I said, this isn’t how it ought to be: we should all be proper and mature men and women, regardless of the behavior of the other person we’re speaking with. But as a man, I can attest that what the Botkins wrote is true. Don’t underestimate the power of your verbal attitude and communication.

Read the rest here.

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