She Survived Hitler And Wants To Warn America

I have been wondering about the sanity of promoting the idea that government employees (teachers) carry firearms while children are in lock-down (school) inaccessible to the their parents, for their ‘safe’ education. Teachers are in a difficult place. Families using government schooling are in a bind right now. Helping others reach a position where they are no longer dependent on the government is a very … Continue reading She Survived Hitler And Wants To Warn America

NEW eBook on Homemaking: The Heart of Simplicity


We are pleased to announce that the NEW eBook–The Heart of Simplicity: Foundations for Christian Homemaking has been released today! Here are some of the wonderful contributing authors along with Courtney Dunkin of Simply Nurtured (the dream began with her) in the center.

Starting from the top: Stephanie Langford, Kelly Crawford, Natalie Klewja, Ann Dunagan, June Fuentes, Courtney Dunkin, Jennifer Ross, Heidi St. John, Jenny Ervin, Stacy Karen, Richelle McFarlin, Laura Coppinger and Marci Ferrell.

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The Family Presented as Antidote to Economic Crisis

And now for something encouraging and motivating when it comes to reviving the biblical “household economy.” A rabbi who spoke of the family, an economist who spoke of morality, a priest who spoke of conjugal love. All this took place during the meeting “The Family as an Engine of Economic Growth: Values and Prospects,” which took place Tuesday afternoon in the Regina Room of the … Continue reading The Family Presented as Antidote to Economic Crisis

An Open Letter to Suze Orman

I think this post has gone viral in the last 24 hours. It’s just plain common sense, but I can’t even count how many times people have asked us how on earth we can afford to have “so many” children. If every child cost us $700-1000 a month, then, yes, we might be in trouble with ten kids. But it’s nowhere near that amount, as … Continue reading An Open Letter to Suze Orman

True Christian Motherhood



We are excited to announce that our NEW ebook, True Christian Motherhood, has finally been released!


Here is the description:

Women everywhere are looking for guidance, encouragement and vision. Gone are the days when we would have support from our community, friends and family.  Being a mother in the 21st century can be a challenge for a Christian woman and many are looking for help…

Come be encouraged, and learn all that you would need to know about Christian motherhood. Here, you will be given life-changing vision that will change the way you view motherhood, your life, and the way you engage with your children forever. 


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Be proactive about the future: Attend the Family Economics Conference!

And now for something encouraging, heartening, and motivating: The economies of the world around us rise and fall, corporations come and go, but we are hopeful and excited about the future of the family economy. Families around America are beginning to see the vision for work and economics that existed for over 4,000 years – family-based production in the context of the household. Forget about … Continue reading Be proactive about the future: Attend the Family Economics Conference!

Summit declaration affirms natural family

Encouraging news from Russia: Participants from 65 countries at the Moscow demographic summit have reaffirmed the natural family as “the basic unit of society and the fundamental social value, that is a necessary prerequisite for the very existence of world civilizations and the whole humankind.” A final declaration of the two-day gathering states: The Natural Family is a necessary condition with no alternatives for survival … Continue reading Summit declaration affirms natural family

“I Am Woman Hear Me Roar”-The Feminist’s Battlecry

Not long ago I taught a woman’s Bible study on the topic of Deception and Discernment and wanted to share a bit of that with you:

One of the most infamous and well-known quotes of the century for woman:
“I am woman, hear me roar!”

The world has colorfully painted a picture of what women should look like in today’s world. Images are splashed upon the trendy magazines with pictures of women in suits, holding briefcases in heels, dropping off their wee ones to daycare before the stop off at Starbucks for their daily hit of java. Celebrity magazines have their starlets portrayed as loud, scantily clad seductresses with instructional articles encouraging us how to dress and be like them–and who can ignore the mommy magazines that are shouting from the rooftops about how we can ‘have it all’.

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Stitches~N~Hems Grand Opening

Announcing the Grand Opening of Stitches~N~Hems. It’s the simple things that make life easier for you and baby! Specializing in nursing cover-ups, burp cloths, bibs, and crib sets. You can click here to visit this shop specializing in handmade items. You can also read about the shop owner’s story by clicking here. LAF is making efforts to support the home-based business efforts of widows and single … Continue reading Stitches~N~Hems Grand Opening

@Home: A Frugal Momma’s Guide to Saving Money

I wrote an e-book entitled @Home: A Frugal Momma’s Guide to Saving Money. It is my story of how I saved money in the home and was able to remain a keeper of the home against all odds.  The ideas in the book will help families trim their budgets and cut expenses, and it is full of money-saving ideas for tough times. For the next … Continue reading @Home: A Frugal Momma’s Guide to Saving Money