Reaching Generations: An Interview with Mrs. Mel Cartwright

Dear Readers,

When Mrs. Cartwright read our site, she graciously sent me an interview about her life. We became better acquainted on the phone. I found her a cheerful, optimistic person who reveled in her role as wife and mother and saw the potential of her position at home as something intended for greatness. She has been married for 23 years and has two daughters and a son.

I was impressed with this beautiful family and their cohesiveness and cooperation with one another. Both mother and daughters model and photograph April Cornell fashions from a local store, teach hospitality classes to younger girls, and serve the elderly at social functions. The family also is quite skilled at photography, as you can see. I know when you read about her beliefs concerning the family, you’ll feel encouraged and uplifted. I’ve never heard a discouraging word from Mrs. Cartwright!

A Portrait of Nicole’s Family.

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For Young Girls: The Importance of Living A Meaningful Life

You may wonder why it is necessary to find purpose in life when you are young, but a young person who drifts along letting things happen to him, with no plan or purpose, will become an old person with the same failures. A person without a plan will be prey to destructive influences, but one who follows a time-worn path of success will avoid many pitfalls that are common to youth. Decide early if you want to have victory in your life, and begin the steps to success.
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Feminine Appearance for Older Women

What has happened to the concept of “growing old gracefully?” You’ve probably read a lot of “what-is-this-world-coming-to” articles about the unfeminine and immodest appearance of young women, but have you taken a good look at the older women lately? From a distance, most of them cannot be distinguished from old men. The typical “older woman” uniform seems to consist either of combat pants and boots, tee shirts, shaved hair styles, and expensive manicures or jogging suits and/or spandex.

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A Season for Hospitality

I used to think that summers were the best time for hospitality, since everything is so well lit and beautiful, but I have come to see that winter is the season for hospitality. People need this diversion during cold winter months. It is a perfect time for a Winter Tea. You don’t have to actually drink tea in order to host an Afternoon Tea, and you can even serve the hot punch I share in my homemaking article in tea cups or in the glass snack tray sets that you see here:

These were once popular and now can be purchased at antique and second-hand shops for very reasonable prices.

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Getting Used to Dresses

If you’ll take some time just to look at old photographs in antique shops or on the web, you’ll see women who spent their lives wearing dresses. No one ridiculed them. Everyone wore dresses or skirts, and they were able to do a wide variety of work, even farming, in them. The few who dared to dress like men were considered unfeminine. Today we have strayed so far from feminine dressing that women who have grown up in pants and sports shoes feel awkward in dresses. In this confused modern society, women feel uncomfortable wearing dresses in public and even at home. Who would have thought that a woman in a dress would be such an unusual sight that people would stop and stare? How far we haven’t come!!

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Hospitality from Home

There will be times that you cannot show hospitality in your own home. If you are recovering from illness, for example, it would not be wise to invite people to dinner. If you do not have adequate living facilities or have temporary upheavals in your house or your life, you will not be able to make guests comfortable. Also, there are people who desperately need hospitality, but cannot get to your home due to infirmities, schedule conflicts or transportation problems. Maybe you are tending to your small children and just don’t have the time to prepare your home for hospitality.

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