Are You a Queen?

Have you ever heard someone say, “If I ruled the world, things would be different!”? How about, “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world?” Did you know this saying is literally true? The ones who teach the next generation are the ones who decide who will rule the world and how it will be governed. Who rocks the cradle in our culture today? Public schools, government caretakers, strangers…. There are very few women left who understand the extreme importance of their role as wives and mothers – and as daughters or grandmothers.

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Hospitality from Home

There will be times that you cannot show hospitality in your own home. If you are recovering from illness, for example, it would not be wise to invite people to dinner. If you do not have adequate living facilities or have temporary upheavals in your house or your life, you will not be able to make guests comfortable. Also, there are people who desperately need hospitality, but cannot get to your home due to infirmities, schedule conflicts or transportation problems. Maybe you are tending to your small children and just don’t have the time to prepare your home for hospitality.

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The Myth of Superwoman

[Note: This article was originally published in June, 2003. It’s a reader favorite, so we’ve brought it over to the “new” LAF. – Ed.]

For the past generation, our society has tried to foist upon us the idea of the woman who “has it all” and “does it all.” We stand in awe of women who (we are told) run successful businesses, volunteer for community service, keep beautifully decorated homes, send hand-written letters, cook and entertain guests with style, attend artistic functions, bring up happy children and look like a million bucks to boot. As we stand gaping at these idols of domestic and economic success, we wonder exactly where we fell short of achieving their outstanding merits.

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Through the Week in Feminine Dress

Through the Week in  Feminine Dress!

This section is here to inspire you and encourage you as you seek to dress in a uniquely feminine way every day. The idea for this weekly “journal” came about as LAF fielded questions from women who said it simply wasn’t practical or realistic to “go feminine” in our culture or with all the things we have to do at home and in our communities. The photos shared here will demonstrate that it isn’t just practical; it is fun and beautiful to dress in a distinctively feminine manner on a daily basis. Lovely garments aren’t just for church!

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They’re Spoiling Eve’s Great Con Game by Taylor Caldwell

This is the article that started LAF: A prophetic lament from 1970 which has, sadly, come true. ~ Editor

The left, alas, is now running yet another “Liberation Movement,” this one championing females who believe that the male sex has somehow done the ladies wrong. The members of this Front say they want all the spoils the boys appear to be getting out of life. They’re quite mad, of course. What these “girls” are about to do is ruin the biggest Con Game, and the most ancient, which one section of humanity has ever imposed on another, since Eve invented it. I’m just jealous, myself, having been deprived by circumstances from getting into that Big Con Game…alas, alas, alas. But I’ve stood on the sidelines and seethed with envy, and now I hope – I say with a grin over clenched teeth – that the Liberation “girls” will get exactly what they want. It’s all they deserve.

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